Each Atlanta DUI lawyer has a different background and way of handling DUI cases. They all have a State of Georgia Bar license and are a Georgia DUI lawyer, but their Atlanta law firm is not always geared toward fighting every type of criminal case. Most criminal defense attorneys who practice in Atlanta Municipal Court, in the other Fulton County municipal courts, or in Fulton State Court do not have a track record of winning cases at trial. Many criminal lawyers do not enjoy a reputation for obtaining great results in contested cases, which minimizes their ability to convince a prosecutor to reduce a drunk driving case. That is not only logical, but it is also true.

Like in other professions, the time and effort an attorney puts into defending your DUI or DUI Drugs case makes a huge difference in results. Since drunk driving lawyers charge fees for their time, experience, and legal expertise, you should expect big differences in the legal fees you are quoted for handling your DUI defense.

On average, our Atlanta law firm’s contested DUI cases take over 35 hours of invested attorney time, plus additional hours for support staff, investigator time, and expert witness time. These hours are spent creating reports and testifying in a municipal or state court.

Challenging Evidence

To successfully challenge a DUI arrest in Atlanta Municipal Court or Fulton County State Court, an Atlanta DUI attorney must carry out an intense and thorough investigation, perform a review of all relevant information and factors of the arrest and otherwise in your case, including the DUI stops interactions and subsequent sobriety tests, and also draft and file targeted pre-trial motions that can exclude police evidence and discovery requests.

Plus, to fight a DUI following your arrest, your attorney can represent you in both the administrative courts (for the administrative license suspension) and the criminal courts (either at Atlanta Municipal Court or in Fulton State Court for a jury trial).
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Like a skilled Atlanta surgeon preparing for surgery, the work done beforehand to analyze the details of the upcoming procedure is just as important as the actual surgery. Also like surgery, this more difficult and time-consuming job has more at stake and is more costly than just giving a patient a physical or a flu shot.

Severity of a Conviction

Many Atlanta DUI lawyers run low-fee, high-volume firms in which the overwhelming majority of their criminal cases get pleaded out to a “guilty” disposition. This ‘guilty plea’ service may be of some value to Georgia citizens that seek legal assistance and do not qualify for a public defender because their income level is too high. These high-volume firms can provide limited results to clients who either lack the funds to fight a DUI criminal case with a private attorney, or who fail to see how a DUI conviction hurts their job, their family, and their future.

Clients who want an attorney to stand next to them in court just to enter a guilty plea, without a fight, are NOT our clients. Our typical client has far too much to lose to timidly walk into an Atlanta Municipal Court and plead guilty as charged to a traffic ticket and other more serious DUI charges. That is why our criminal defense attorneys tirelessly work building a defense, refuting impaired driving accusations, potentially based on constitutional issues, for a reduction, a dismissal, or an acquittal in every case we bring onboard. The lifetime value of this choice is obvious, but cannot be done in a couple of hours of an attorney’s time, or for a low-ball legal fee.

Hiring Local Representation

Atlanta DUI lawyer applies to all DUI cases in the City of Atlanta, or in the numerous other jurisdictions in Fulton County: Sandy Springs, Union City, College Park, Forest Park, Palmetto, East Point, Johns Creek, Milton, Fairburn, Hapeville and Mountain Park. The large Atlanta metropolitan area includes all of these locations in Fulton County. Most Fulton County DUI arrests are heard in one of these many Atlanta-area Municipal Courts, but only in Fulton County State Court can you get a JURY trial for misdemeanor DUI cases in cities within Fulton County. If you desire a trial by jury, your trial must take place in Fulton County State Court, and not in any of the 14 Municipal Court locations.

Client Reviews

Title: Best Christmas Present

About two years ago I was charged and arrested for a DUI. I had no idea how to go about finding an expert lawyer that handles DUI cases or how to fight the case. I kept seeing and hearing Larrys name and was interested but also hesitant. I thought since he was so good that he would have to many cases and wouldnt have enough time to give mine his full attention. I called his office on a Friday afternoon right before his office closed and got a hold of him. We set an appointment and he came in on a Saturday morning just to hear my situation and see what the next steps were. When I saw that he came in on a Saturday and had his full attention I knew he was the one. He started on the paper work to allow me to keep my license until my court hearing immediately. He also recommend that I do 40 hours of community service, and attend a DUI and defensive driving course which I did. Two years have passed since then and a court date was finally set. Not only was i available to speak to Larry whenever but he always replayed or picked up his phone as well as his team. When ever I wrote an email or made a call there was always a replay with in 5 minutes. They kept me up to date with any changes or no changes in my case the whole two years i was waiting. I also had an immigration problem because i wasn't able to renew my work permit because of the pending case, he stayed in contact with my immigration lawyers the entire time keeping them up to date and also making sure what he wanted to do wouldn't affect my immigration problem in a negative way. When you hire Larry you dont just hire him you get his great team as well. Finally after 2 years of waiting I had a court date set for December 2016 and I was a nervous wreck, but he came through and was able to get my case dismissed. The entire case was tossed out, no jail time, no probation, no nothing! I highly recommend Larry if you or anyone you know is looking for a lawyer. He gave me the best Christmas present I could receive by getting the case tossed out and keeping a clean record!!

Rating: ★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars