A person is not allowed to use marijuana. However, there are some types of medical prescriptions that allow a person to use marijuana in Georgia. As a result, a person needs to be prepared and take appropriate measures. If they are smoking marijuana, they could be charged with a DUI. An Atlanta marijuana DUI lawyer helps individuals through the charge. If you are experiencing issues with a marijuana-related DUI, contact an experienced attorney today.

Consequences of Marijuana DUI

A marijuana DUI can cause a license suspension for six months without a work permit. It can also result in community service, alcohol and drug evaluation, and perhaps jail time because Georgia takes marijuana and drugs pretty seriously. The consequences can be harsh, so a person should get in touch with an Atlanta marijuana DUI lawyer as soon as possible.

Marijuana DUI vs. Alcohol-Based DUI

The difference between a marijuana-related and an alcohol-based DUI is that alcohol is lawfully used in Georgia and marijuana is not. It is very difficult to get the public to condone the fact that people have been using an illegal substance. Marijuana can impair a person the same way that alcohol does. However, marijuana generally has less impairing effects on driving than alcohol does.

How Evidence Differs

How the evidence differs between the types of DUIs depends on the way that a person looks. The difference may be the odor. How a person responded to field tests would be different. In a marijuana case, there would not be a Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus and involuntary jerking in the eye would not be present in a marijuana case. The prosecution has to prove that a person is incapable of driving safely in both cases.

Changes in Officers Search for Marijuana

In Georgia, there are no changes in the way officers search marijuana because it is illegal in the state. The reason being is that marijuana is not allowed to be used in Georgia. As a result, if an Officer thinks a person has been using marijuana, there is a strong probability they are going to prosecute them for DUI with a blood test. What they want to determine is if the person has used the marijuana within the period of time that is affecting their ability to drive.

Contacting an Atlanta Marijuana DUI Lawyer

Calling an Atlanta marijuana DUI lawyer is imperative because they will know abou the procedures following an arrest. Georgia will test for two different types of marijuana. These tests are called a Cannabinoid Panel Blood Test, which includes 11-Hydroxy Delta-9 THC and Delta-9 Carboxy THC.

After a person ingests or smokes marijuana, the marijuana will leave a metabolite in the person’s system. Those metabolites can be active or inactive. Active metabolites of marijuana are affecting the person currently and inactive metabolites of marijuana are not. An experienced lawyer knows how to read these tests and will make a determination as to what going on in the person’s body. As a result, the attorney will be able to counter the State when they make certain allegations and accusations.