Accusations of being involved in an assault against another individual have the potential to bring profound feelings of embarrassment, confusion, and fear. In Georgia, crimes of this nature are treated seriously, and it is possible to face charges even in circumstances where no actual physical contact with the supposed victim occurred. Assault does not require contact.

All that is necessary for a charge to move forward is that some individual feels that a threat of imminent danger or undesirable contact has been made. Because the consequences of conviction on such a charge in Georgia can be detrimental, it is crucial for those facing charges to enlist the help of a Gwinnett County assault lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced defense attorney can help those charged by ensuring their rights are protected and by building them a strong defense based on the facts of circumstances of the case.

Assault Laws

Simple assault in Georgia involves any attempt to employ violent force against another or to engage in threats of violence that place another party in immediate fear of harm. Simple assault is a misdemeanor offense, and can bring upwards of a year in jail, along with potentially onerous fines, the imposition of community service obligations, and anger management classes.

Aggravated assault is a felony offense and can yield punishments that include imprisonment of anywhere between 1-20 years, depending on the circumstances involved. Assaults committed against individuals over the age of 65 can bring punishments of 3-20 years’ imprisonment, and those undertaken against correctional officers can result in sentences ranging from 5-20 years.

An aggravated assault of this nature implies that the criminal act was committed in conjunction with attempted murder, rape or robbery, using a deadly weapon or in an assault or strangulation can be the basis of an assault. An experienced Gwinnett County assault attorney can assist in lessening or dismissing any penalties associated with your charge.

Battery Charges

A category of crime related to assault in Georgia is that of battery, and these offenses are differentiated between simple and aggravated, based on the circumstances at issue. A simple battery represents a misdemeanor, and implies an intentional physical contact with someone else classified as provocative or offenses in nature or some other type of intentional production of physical harm.

More serious is the offense of aggravated battery, which encompasses the infliction upon another of a serious injury that might include limb loss, disfigurement or similar harm. Aggravated offense is a felony, and therefore has the potential to yield significant sentences including lengthy jail terms and expensive fines.

Building a Defense

An assault conviction can be detrimental for jobs and careers. It is vital to act quickly to assert the strongest possible legal defense. Though the situation may initially feel hopeless, there are often valid strategies which can be employed, including self-defense, which can result in charges being dropped or reduced and penalties being substantially mitigated.

However, time is of the essence, and the sooner a dedicated assault lawyer in Gwinnett County is contacted after charges are lodged, the better the chances of securing a positive outcome.

Working with an Attorney

Assault and battery convictions can produce periods of incarceration, financial consequences, and damage to social standing and job prospects that can be difficult to escape.

If you are facing charges, now is the time to seek zealous legal representation to which you are entitled. A Gwinnett County assault attorney is ready and willing to fight on your behalf and build your defense.