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Unlike any other state, Georgia has over 1,000 different traffic courts that process GA traffic offense cases. No single speeding violations law firm in GA can cover 1,000 different traffic ticket courts in Georgia. Speed limits in many smaller cities and counties are aggressively enforced in the state of Georgia.

What Is a Super Speeder in Georgia?

Simply stated, a super speeder is someone who is going in excess of 20 mph over the limit, or 75 mph and above on a two-lane road, or traveling on a divided multi-lane road at 85 mph or more. These maximum speeding offense limits are enforced statewide. Those passing through our state have never heard of the Georgia super speeder fee.

GA Super Speeder Law

By having a criminal defense attorney challenge the speeding ticket evidence and trying to negotiate speeding tickets prior to a final disposition, our traffic ticket attorneys have been able to save many out-of-state licenses for residents of strict states like North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, and other jurisdictions. If we get a call from a driver convicted of speeding who realizes his or her mistake by putting this offense on his or her record, our workload to FIX this issue is more expensive.

Georgia Super Speeder Law: An EXTRA Fine – How Much Is It?

One of the major areas of confusion for drivers facing the GA super speeder law is that the hefty fine you paid in a Georgia traffic court is not credited toward the super speeder “surcharge” that will be tacked on AFTER the traffic court case is closed out. The GA super speeder fee is extra and is, plainly, a tax.

Plus, where integrated car insurance premiums can be boosted (like South Carolina), a favorable disposition to a speeding ticket can save thousands in auto insurance premiums. Under no circumstances should a driver licensed in ANY state miss a court date, which will result in the suspension of your driver’s license.

Georgia Traffic Ticket Charges

Once closed out, a speeding case fine is paid in the court jurisdiction where the speeding took place (e.g., speeding at 75 mph in a 45-mph zone on a two-lane road). Once the Department of Driver Services in Georgia gets the electronic record of your speeding conviction, the super speeding notification to pay the super speeder fee is generated and will be mailed out by regular U.S. Mail.

Between that time and the 120-day deadline, the super speeder must pay the $200 extra Georgia super speeder fine to Georgia DDS, or face license suspension. Failure to pay on time causes the offender’s suspension and triggers a $50 reinstatement fee since Georgia DDS suspends your right to drive.

Georgia Super Speeder Law and Out-Of-State Driver Issues

Driver's License Suspension for Speeding in GA

Several states are known for their draconian traffic laws for reckless driving and excessive speeding. Both Virginia and North Carolina come to mind, as being states that will suspend one of their licensed drivers for exceeding the speeding laws in ANY state by a certain amount. Notice that by speeding in Georgia, your home state licensing authority can take away that speeding driver’s ability to DRIVE for any purpose.

So, for out-of-state licensed drivers who speed in Georgia, not hiring the best Georgia lawyer for their case can be the end of their non-resident driving privileges in Georgia, until reinstated. If pulled over on their way to Florida, and are showing as “suspended,” the super speeder fee of another $200 will be the least of their problems.

Georgia License Revoked for Speeding Tickets

How Long Do I Have to Pay A Ticket for GA Super Speeder?

From the time traffic court ends and you pay a ticket, which allows the conviction to be entered, the Georgia DDS will send you the super speeder GA notification within ten days. After that, the super speeding in GA driver will have 120 days (4 months) to pay up. Even if the letter gets mishandled and never arrives, expect to be suspended if the super speeder ticket additional “fine” is not paid within the 120 days.

If payment is not received in a timely manner by GA DDS either through online payment, credit card payment, or by check or money order, the non-paying driver will have his or her driver’s license, driving permit, or privilege to drive in Georgia suspended due to non-payment. Like a tumor sitting quietly in your body, when your non-payment is discovered, the problems begin.

Are Points on License Added for Super Speeders?

NO. The GA super speeder law has no provisions for adding points to a license on any driver’s record. Any points being added occurs at the criminal case disposition, which can be where the traffic lawyer is most valuable.

Assessment of points on license for a speeding ticket is just one place where points get added to your Georgia driver’s license, or out-of-state license. Many other types of Georgia traffic tickets carry points, but the Georgia super speeding law only applies to drivers who are significantly exceeding the posted limits.

That time-frame, in Georgia, is during any 12-months (for youthful drivers), or the previous 24 months (for all other drivers). Other states legislate how many points a person can receive and the time-frame that a points suspension is imposed on their licensed drivers. Once too many points are put on the driving history of a speeding ticket driver, that driver will suffer a “points suspension.”

In GA, the super speeder ticket law does not ADD points, but (under GA laws) points will follow any speeding conviction of 15 mph or more over the limit. Again, the ticketed driver must deal with the super speeder law Georgia on two fronts to assure that he or she is able to drive.

Paying Georgia DDS Online – Your Options for Payment of Fines

Georgia DDS Fine Payment for Speeding

If the use of a credit card online is unappealing or too daunting, a person can download a PDF credit card form and fill that out to make payment of the super speeder fee in GA. To make certain that your payment gets matched to your driving record, enclose a copy of your final criminal court disposition paperwork, or your name, address, and birth date. For out-of-state drivers, include your state of licensure and the state of issuance.

Our award-winning Atlanta ticket attorneys cover traffic courts within about a 50-mile radius of Atlanta, but we can refer out super speeder GA cases and speeding cases which occur outside our market area to other traffic ticket lawyers in every corner of Georgia. The objective is to find a traffic ticket lawyer who knows exactly how to fight a super speeder ticket in GA.

Go to the DDS Georgia website: Their mailing address is:

Georgia Dept. of Driver Services

P.O. Box 80447

Conyers, GA 30013

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Speeding in Georgia? Speeding is a misdemeanor NOT a traffic infraction. Learn your legal rights, your options to fight or negotiate, and the potential penalties. Don’t just go to court alone and expect the case to be continued. In almost all Georgia traffic courts, we can get a Power of Attorney from you and keep you from having to appear.

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