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DUI Charge While On Probation in Georgia

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If you're on probation for any offense and you get arrested for something serious like DUI, you've got a big problem. The judge who has you on probation has the ability to not give you another trial. There’s no regular due process. There’s no proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Your probation officer can haul you in front of the judge almost immediately and have a hearing to revoke your probation or part of your probation.

Depending on your history and the seriousness of the offense and what you already were on probation for, you might be facing some serious jail time even before your case gets a chance to come to trial for you to win. A judge does not have to have proof beyond a reasonable doubt. He doesn't have to wait until you go to trial it see if you’re going to be acquitted. It’s a matter that can change by judge to judge and probation officer from probation officer.

If you're on probation you should call our 24/7 number immediately. We will have somebody talking to you, a lawyer talking to you over the phone in a matter of minutes. This is critical and what you do in the next few days, talking to the probation officer, could determine whether you're sitting in jail for months on end or whether you walk away without having to go back to jail.

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