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At Kohn & Yager, the majority of our clients just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many were acting as a Good Samaritan, driving someone else home, or assisting a friend when pulled over. For most people we interview, their DUI arrest is their first encounter with a criminal defense attorney. Our goal at this law firm is to obtain a dismissal or reduction of your DUI charge so you can resume your life and be able to sleep soundly at night. In a nutshell, our DUI lawyers take the burden off your shoulders and shift it over to our shoulders.

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Quick Answers to FAQs

Is a Georgia DUI on My Record Forever?

In the State of Georgia, sealing a DUI record or expunging a DUI record is not possible. Georgia DUI laws offer no diversion alternative, and do not allow a “first offender” for DUI. Yet, Georgia criminal law does allow first offender for virtually all other crimes, including some sex crimes. This means that you will go to the grave with a criminal offense of DUI on your record—even if you’re only a first-time offender. The penalties for DUI and the consequences of a DUI conviction can impact your livelihood, your job options and your personal and business relationships for years to come.

DUI Arrest? Driver’s License Taken from YOU? Important 10-Day ALS Appeal WARNING to Avoid License Suspension

If your driver’s license was taken after your Georgia DUI arrest, then it is 99% certain that you need to IMMEDIATELY file an appeal of the PENDING ADMINISTRATIVE LICENSE SUSPENSION that results from this arrest. Whether you REFUSED or TOOK THE TEST, if arrested for driving under the influence, your driver’s license IS IN JEOPARDY. For refusing to take the implied consent test (a warning the arresting officer reads to people arrested for driving under the influence in GA) your ALS suspension will be a “hard” suspension, meaning NO right to drive for ANY purposes, for a FULL year. Call us today at (404) 567-5515, so we can help PROTECT your right to drive. You can also submit an online form HERE for help.

Arraignments in Atlanta Municipal Court

The judicial process in Municipal Court of Atlanta is unique—and complicated—when it comes to DUIs. Your first court appearance, or arraignment, will be only 24 to 48 hours after your arrest. UNLESS YOU FIRST RETAIN A DUI attorney in Atlanta, you MUST attend. Because we know how disruptive, costly and impossible it is to get out of jail and find a top criminal attorney, we take calls and appointments everyday --- even Sunday --- to accommodate the Atlanta Municipal Court first appearance. You can request a continuance to give yourself more time to find the right legal representation.

After Getting Out Of Jail After Arrest, What Should I Do First?

Write down a narrative of everything that happened on the day of your arrest, from the moment you got up until the time that you were released from jail. Download our questionnaire to help you get started. Documenting all DETAILS is essential to our analysis of your case, and provides our DUI attorneys with vital witness names, police statements and possible implied consent violations. DETAILS help a criminal defense lawyer WIN CASES.

Will I Go To Jail If Convicted Of DUI?

First time DUI offenders are required by law to spend 24 hours in jail. However, our criminal attorneys have been able to avoid any additional requirement of jail time in the overwhelming majority of our first offense DUI cases by either getting the DUI reduced to reckless driving or obtaining some other method of avoiding jail time.

Will I Lose My Job If I Have A DUI On My Record?

In professions where driving is necessary, being charged with DUI can have an immediate impact on your ability to perform your job. Commercial drivers, bus drivers, chauffeurs and others in driving-related roles (using a company car) could be terminated for having a suspended license. Plus trying to rent a car with a DUI pending is a difficult task, but we can help most clients.

Because a DUI conviction will be reported on your criminal record, this could also have an impact on your career if your job requires a security clearance or clean background check. For example, TSA clearance or Global Entry at airports can be rescinded (cancelled).

An Investment That Will Protect Your Future

Private criminal defense attorneys must charge fees to stay in business. For people who are indigent, public defenders are always available for DUI cases. The stakes are high when facing a DUI charge—and working with an attorney experienced in obtaining great results for his or her DUI clients is certainly worth the investment. In the long run, a DUI conviction will cost you FAR more than legal expenses to fight your DUI charges.

When selecting a lawyer, it's important to find highly-credentialed, highly-experienced criminal lawyers who have been trained on field sobriety evaluations, both of Georgia’s breathalyzer device (Intoxilyzer 9000), and who has the legal and forensic science training to challenge blood tests. This forensic background of your DUI lawyer ensures that he or she has the background necessary to challenge the police officer's evidence in the prosecution's case against you.

DUI lawyer cost is a concern for many people when hiring a criminal attorney. Fortunately, our DUI law firm accepts credit cards, and offers three alterative of fee levels (senior partner, partner and senior associate) and manageable payment plans to allow most people to pay us, over time.

How Does Kohn & Yager Win So Many DUI Cases?

The main difference between our firm and most is that we do not take a case with the idea it is going to be resolved as a mere guilty plea to DUI. We know the hundreds of ways that DUI cases can be won, even under seemingly improbable circumstances. In fact, senior partner William C. Head wrote a book on this in 1991, 101 Ways to AVOID a Drunk Driving Conviction. We try to leverage the case on those legal grounds. We are not seeking to sign up a client who WANTS to just plead guilty to DUI. We know that a client who pleads guilty will REGRET this decision for the rest of his or her life.

What you should know is that a DUI arrest doesn't have to end in a DUI conviction. We can prove (with expert witnesses) that the field sobriety tests used in drunk-driving cases are NOT scientific and highly subjective. We challenge breathalyzer tests every day, and know that both breath and blood tests are subject to having a myriad of potential errors.

In addition, law enforcement officers must follow proper protocol to ensure that your traffic stop and arrest were lawful. Police officers are prone to make mistakes, especially in cases where the officer thinks that the evidence is an “open and shut” DUI case. This means that getting a DUI charge reduced, dismissed or even obtaining an acquittal at trial is something that happens with most of our clients year after year. Our attorneys are on-call to answer your DUI questions at all hours - (404) 567-5515. You can also ask us your legal questions online for free HERE.

DUI Attorney Atlanta Answers Top 7 Questions on Georgia DUI Laws

By: William C. Head, Atlanta DUI Lawyer

In 2015–2016, the following seven (7) frequently asked questions and QUICK answers about Georgia DWI laws topped our DUI law firm lists:

1. How to beat a DUI? Mr. Head wrote the book on this topic: "101 Ways to Avoid a Drunk Driving Conviction"

2. Can you help me get my DUI reduced to reckless driving? Yes, in a large percentage of our law firm's cases.

3. Are DUI checkpoints legal? Not always. Over two dozen legal attacks are possible. Ask your criminal lawyer.

4. How much does a DUI cost? Most people are asking about DUI lawyer cost, and NOT the "true" cost of a DUI.

5. Is there jail time for DUI? If convicted, DUI jail time is likely.

6. Can you go to Canada if you have a DUI? Canada DUI entry can be obtained if your DUI lawyer knows how to make you ELIGIBLE.

7. Can I have a DUI expunged? No. Georgia DUI laws have no provision for expungement.

Of course, many more questions follow a DUI arrest in Georgia. Our Atlanta DUI attorneys give FREE consultations, and provide you with more helpful FREE written information than ANY DUI law firm Georgia. Call us today, so that you know all of your options to fight.

Board-Certified Atlanta DUI Lawyer

Bubba Head gained a lot of news media attention for a stunning jury trial victory in an Atlanta news anchor DUI case. Only about 1% of Mr. Head's many trials are newsworthy, but are the most important Atlanta DUI cases to each of the clients he represents. His 40 years of DUI defense has secured his position as the best DUI lawyer in Georgia, in the minds of most Atlanta attorneys.

Partner Larry Kohn has been with Mr. Head for nearly 2 decades. Larry started working for DUI guru Bubba Head when he was a first year law student, and he is now a partner. Mr. Kohn is one of Georgia's top-rated DUI attorneys, according to client reviews on AVVO.

Partner Corey Yager has never worked for any other DUI law firm except with Mr. Head. After achieving top attorney status as a "Super Lawyers Rising Star" in his fourth year of law practice (unprecedented in Mr. Head's 40 years), Mr. Yager has earned that lofty and prestigious recognition each and every year since his initial recognition as being one of the best criminal justice attorneys in Georgia. Mr. Yager's prior experience as a sworn police officer in Cobb County and in the city of Roswell uniquely prepared him to handle over 1,200 DUI cases, since joining DUI Atlanta attorney Bubba Head nearly a decade ago.

All of our Atlanta DUI lawyers are trained at the most advanced level for these legal topics pertaining to drunk driving arrest cases:

NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Tests – Participant Course

NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Test – Instructor Course

DRE Drug Recognition Overview Training

Blood and Urine Testing

Breath Testing (Intoxilyzer)

Warrantless Arrests (e.g., DUI Checkpoints)

Board-certified DUI specialist Bubba Head is co-author of the "bible" on Georgia DUI laws: The Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual. It is published by Thomson-West-Reuters, the world's largest legal book publisher. Mr. Head has authored or co-authored 11 more books on various state DUI-DWI laws, including Florida, New Hampshire, California, Tennessee, Washington, New York, and other jurisdictions.

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