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This Article provides time-sensitive information about what happens when you get a DUI in Georgia. Read ALL of the contents, for a full understanding of what is ahead of you, on this legal journey for being charged with DUI alcohol or DUI drugs.

What happens when you get a DUI in Georgia? When a person is arrested for DUI in the Peach State, most first offenders want to know more about punishment for DUI in Georgia. Thinking that they will be convicted under DUI GA law, they begin researching Georgia DUI penalties. (See similar 8.5 inch by 11 inch form, below).

Administrative License Suspension Form DDS 1205 is filled out by the police officer who arrested you for DUI alcohol or DUI drugs. You have 30 days to file an ALS appeal or your license will be suspended.
RED ALERT! Before going any further, HAVE YOU TAKEN CARE OF THE ALL-IMPORTANT Administrative License Suspension, for which your plastic license was taken from you? This is the potentially harshest DUI punishment Georgia first offenders will face, and yet many arrestees for DUI offenses procrastinate and don’t act in time.

If you are in search of a criminal defense attorney Atlanta due to facing criminal charges in the State of Georgia, it is crucial to hire an Atlanta criminal lawyer with “clout.” When used in this context, “clout” means having built a reputation of influence or power for a given task. For our firm of Atlanta criminal defense attorney professionals, we are in the criminal defense business.

In the criminal law legal arena, a highly skilled, experienced and tenacious Atlanta criminal attorney that is unafraid of law enforcement is the starting point. One of our partners, Atlanta criminal defense attorney Cory Yager is an ex-police officer for nearly a decade, part of which he was an FTO (field training officer) that trained new police recruits. Partner Larry Kohn has over 545 AVVO rating that are 5-star rankings.

Atlanta criminal attorney Larry Kohn began work for Bubba Head in June of 1996. In 2023, he is ranked among the highest of all criminal law attorneys in Georgia.
Having a top law firm in your corner can greatly impact the outcome of your case due to the complexity of the criminal litigation process and the pre-trial and trial process.

Atlanta GA DUI lawyer Cory Yager worked nearly 10 years in police work before becoming a DUI Lawyer GA. Next, he passed the Georgia Bar in 2007, and was working as criminal attorney a week later. He was then trained for years by renowned Georgia DUI lawyer Bubba Head.

Bubba Head is the State’s top DUI defense lawyer. The pair of defense attorneys successfully handled many high-profile clients, in their DUI arrest cases.

Yager, the lawyer, obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the State University of New York. He moved to Georgia in 1999 for police training. After that, he went to law school and earned his Juris Doctorate from John Marshall Law School-Atlanta.

If you are stopped in Georgia and then arrested for driving under the influence (or any other serious traffic offense) this cuffing and jailing can be a very jarring and disruptive experience. Over 95% of arrests are made by an officer with the Smyrna Police Department Georgia, and the balance handled by the Cobb County Police Department, or Georgia State Patrol (when accidents have occurred).

The City of Smyrna Municipal Court House is located in Smyrna, Georgia 30080, at 2800 King Street. This is the same building that houses City Hall, so don’t think that you are in the wrong place.

(Photo of the Smyrna Court House shown below)

This article discusses a crime known (alternatively) as domestic violence (DV) or family violence (FV) in Georgia. All crimes in the Peach State are codified in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated or OCGA for short.

OCGA Assault and Simple Assault OCGA. Assault is placing someone in fear of apprehension or bodily harm. OGCA simple assault, a misdemeanor, occurs when some touching or contact took place but no cut, bruise or internal damage to the “victim” took place. OCGA simple assault is handled by Georgia’s misdemeanor-level courts, like the State Court of Fulton County.

OCGA Battery and Simple Battery OCGA. Battery is touching, hitting, or striking another person. A battery charge in Georgia has a misdemeanor component called OCGA simple battery or a “simple battery charge” in Georgia.

Georgia DUI less safe. Citizens who have been arrested for a first DUI in Georgia are shocked to learn how little they understood about an arrest for a Georgia DUI. Most are surprised to learn that the field sobriety tests are “junk science,” and are 100% optional.

The most common major error made by those arrested for DUI in Georgia is talking and answering police questions before (or after) being arrested. Nothing but your NAME and ADDRESS are required. The right to remain silent eludes too many citizens being investigated for DUI. No statute found in DUI laws in Georgia requires anyone to attempt field teats of any type.

Additionally, for those who took the implied consent test, every person should have asked for an independent test by medical personnel of their own choosing. This right for receive and pay for subsequent testing at a 24-hour Doc-in-the-box or emergency room is available to all who submitted to the State’s post-arrest DUI testing.

By: Larry Kohn, Super Lawyers and AVVO ratings superstar, and Traffic Ticket Attorney also a Legal Book Author and a Top-Rated Georgia Criminal Attorney Near Me

What a Speeder faces in the Peach State. About 15% of all DUI traffic stops in GA are for speeding offenses. If arrested for DUI and a super speeder GA ticket, a high percentage of these drivers will be facing potential jail time.

With up to a $1000 fine and additional state surcharges and assessments, the total cost for speeders can be almost $1500, in total fines and fees. Plus, some drivers who flaunt Georgia speed limit laws may find that their state driver license bureau suspends or revokes them anyway, once Georgia reports this high-speed offense!

When facing a criminal case arising from a roadway collision, your reckless driving or DUI case should be handled by a law firm staffed by top-rated DUI attorneys. This article will alert you to the anticipated stressful and potentially life-changing events that may be unfolding for an accused citizen in a serious injury crash in which others suffered serious bodily injury.

Some misdemeanor traffic crimes are “categorized” by GA laws to be such serious crimes with the potential to injure or kill that these serious misdemeanors can become a “predicate driving offense” that supports a related felony conviction. Causing serious injury to another while drunk or driving recklessly (or both) is all that is needed to enable a jury to then find that you are not only guilty of one of those crimes, but also for the related felony consequence of one or both of those dangerous driving acts.

Multiple victims (in Georgia) means that the DUI prosecutor can ask the court to stack punishments for each, end-to-end, which is called consecutive sentences. In one of the author’s GA SIBV cases, there were ten (10) seriously injured people, which meant up to 150 years of potential jail time.

By: Criminal Defense Attorney Larry Kohn, Georgia Super Lawyer and Sex Crime Lawyer Near Me in Atlanta GA

Georgia age of consent laws: Thousands of monthly Internet searches for statutory rape laws in Georgia occur monthly in the Peach State. Many inquiries to our lawyers near me come from people worried about being convicted of statutory rape focus upon “age of consent in Georgia.”

As you will read below, the age of consent varies in different situations, in the State of Georgia. But, for any victim, female, or male, being age 15 or under means that he or she cannot consent to sexual activity with any person 18 or older.

In reviewing Atlanta criminal defense lawyers listed in websites on the Internet, dozens of law firms claim to have the top criminal lawyers in Georgia. It quickly becomes apparent that such boasts cannot be backed up by carefully comparing results published by the consensus, top lawyer ratings services.

After comparing credentials and claims, if the owners of a website have gone beyond pure puffery and audacity to falsely self-proclaim being the best attorneys in Atlanta for criminal defense, you must then decide if you would trust your most vital legal matter to that criminal defense attorney GA. Do a little research to see how their claims can be made.

Atlanta DUI Lawyer Bubba Head Best Criminal Defense Attorney
Clearly, all Atlanta justice lawyers who claim to be those criminal defense lawyers in Atlanta, GA cannot each be the “best.” Claiming to be the best criminal defense attorney Atlanta without having the objective credentials to back that up takes quite a bit of chutzpah.