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Minimum Penalties for Georgia DUI Second Offense

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A Georgia DUI "second offense" is treated much more harshly than the first offense. One example, a first DUI only requires 40 hours of community service, while a second offense requires a minimum of 240 hours - a six fold increase. Plus, the minimum jail time is 72 hours on a second DUI in GA, but more realistically you are going to spend about a week to two weeks in jail with most judges for a second offense when you have had a prior 1st DUI within the last TEN (10) years. By the way, on a first offense "less safe DUI" case, zero time in jail is required.

A second DUI conviction in Georgia also triggers some devastating license suspension implications. Upon conviction, you are suspended for three (3) years, subject to these possible ways to get some type of limited driving privileges:

a) No driving of any type for 120 days.

b) If you have completed or started several "rehabilitation" steps, you MAY obtain an "interlock restricted" limited permit following a DUI second offense in GA. This must stay on your vehicle for 12 full months, which you pay for. This cost will be about $4000.00.

c) After this period of interlock, assuming you have completed all conditions, you can get the interlock removed, but still have a limited, restricted right to drive for another 60 days.

d) At that point, you can apply for a full, early reinstatement of your license.

Because Legislators know that some people kept driving without a license, Georgia DUI laws require all motor vehicle tags IN your NAME to be surrendered, at the time of conviction. Then, one of your adult relatives (wife, adult child) must apply to the Georgia Department of Revenue for issuance of a "special" tag that signals law enforcement that this vehicle is being driven by the family member of a convicted second DUI vehicle owner.

Another harsh and embarrassing punishment is that you pay to have your photo published in the newspaper in the county where you reside or (if you are from out of state) in the county where you were arrested.

These punishments for a DUI second offense are very severe and this is part of the law that is made in Georgia for purposes of deterring people from getting in trouble again. Without doubt, these DUI penalties can harm you, your job, your family and your future. THAT IS WHY WE HELP YOU FIGHT FOR A NON-DUI RESOLUTION.

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