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Minimum Penalties for Georgia DUI Second Offense

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The second offense DUI is treated much more harshly than the first offense. The minimum jail time is 72 hours but more realistically you are going to spend about a week to two weeks in jail with most judges for a second offense in five years.

In addition to that the fines are going to be $600 to $1,000 dollars plus surcharges. You are going to have twelve months probation at a minimum. Your driver’s license is suspended for three years but the first twelve months you can’t drive for any purpose whatsoever. You can only drive the next six months after that that first twelve months if you put ignition and lock on your car. Your tags are confiscated; you going have to do at least 17 weeks of alcohol treatment courses.

You also going to have your photo published in the newspaper in the county where you reside or if you are from out of state in the county where you were arrested. These punishments are very severe and this is part of the law that is made in Georgia for purposes of deterring people from getting in trouble again.

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