Court proceedings can be difficult to follow, and even during proceedings that lay people often believe are simple, it is easy for a person to misunderstand how much word choice matters. Experienced traffic attorneys in Smyrna advise against facing court without a consultation to determine the full impact of a finding of guilt.

If you have been ticketed for a traffic violation in Smyrna, an attorney will ensure that they address each of your concerns to guide you toward the option that is most appropriate for your circumstances. It is important to act immediately, by contacting a knowledgeable Smyrna criminal lawyer.

Potential Penalties

Drivers, who are over the age of 21, that accumulate more than 15 points on their driving record within 24 months are at risk for suspension of their driver’s license.

A conviction for a traffic citation that is issued following an accident may create a presumption of fault. In addition to the penalties directly related to the offense, this could have liability consequences in a subsequent civil lawsuit.

A driver can plead nolo contendere, or no contest, once per five-year period in traffic court. No contest means that the driver is neither pleading guilty or innocent for the charge, but is willing to accept punishment for the offense charged. This plea will still count towards a record for insurance and the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

 License Suspension

A driver under the age of 21, is more likely to have their driver’s license suspended following a ticket for traffic violations. A common mistake that young drivers make is appearing for court, without awareness of all possible penalties. A speeding ticket, driving under the influence, reckless driving, racing, and a four-point offense can trigger an automatic suspension of a driver under 21 in Georgia.

Impact on Insurance

The actual offenses that remain on a driver’s record impact their insurance rates because insurance companies believe it alerts them of a driver’s risk worthiness. A driver that opts to plead nolo contendere may avoid receiving points on their driver’s license, but insurance companies can and will still treat it as a guilty plea and may increase a driver’s rates.

Some traffic citations, such as reckless driving, have criminal penalties in addition to the administrative penalties, which drivers may be unaware of prior to contacting a Smyrna traffic attorney.

No matter the circumstances surrounding the charge, an experienced traffic lawyer in Smyrna can build a case to help reduce any potential consequences associated with the charge.

Benefit of a Smyrna Traffic Lawyer

A driver should understand the consequences of any alleged traffic violation. Understanding potential pitfalls will determine if a traffic attorney in Smyrna is the best option.

In addition to ensuring that a driver understands their legal rights, an experienced traffic attorney will also attempt to reduce the charge and the applicable fines. Additionally, a skilled attorney will work to limit the number of points and offenses on the driver’s driving record, which will have a financial impact long-term.

If you have recently been ticketed for speeding or any other traffic offense, retain the immediate representation of a local Smyrna traffic lawyer.