There are a large and expansive number of consequences an individual can face for a criminal offense in Georgia. Everything from loss of employment to hurting your personal and professional reputation can occur, making it important that anyone being investigated or charged consult with an experienced Alpharetta criminal lawyer immediately. A lawyer with experience working within the criminal justice system can be beneficial to keeping you informed of what to expect and ensuring your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

Further, a knowledgeable attorney in Georgia will be able to use the facts of a person’s case to build a particularly strong case for exoneration or reduced sentencing. It is important to be defended to the highest possible degree when facing the prosecution in your criminal case. It is both incredibly difficult and overwhelming to attempt to face a criminal charge on your own, making the experience of an attorney invaluable.

Possible Defense Strategies

Criminal law consists of an intricate balance between state and federal laws. The majority of people facing criminal charges will have violated state laws. However, there are also instances, such as destroying federal property or assaulting a federal employee, where a person will face criminal charges on a federal level. Due to these distinctions, it is important that someone have an Alpharetta criminal lawyer by their side who can act on their behalf before, and during court proceedings, as they might not know or understand the intricacies of state and federal law beforehand.

A seasoned attorney will know the nuances of a person’s case and could be able to negotiate a misdemeanor down to a brief fine or jail sentence. A criminal lawyer in Alpharetta will also make sure that a person charged with a felony is given a fair deal and is not taken advantage of by an overzealous prosecution.

Support of an Attorney

An experienced Alpharetta criminal attorney can present the most effective defense strategies in trial, and decide which one they want to see implemented in court. An attorney will also be familiar with common legal processes like picking a jury, making opening statements, dealing with plea deals, and cross-examining witnesses used by the prosecution. When facing the possibility of a criminal conviction, it is critical you take immediate action with a lawyer. An attorney will have experience with a variety of criminal cases, and can ensure a person’s legal needs will be dealt with in a professional manner. If you are currently facing a criminal charge, a dedicated lawyer will make it their priority to defend you and give you the best possible case.