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Georgia Criminal Lawyer

There are few things more frightening or potentially life-changing than having to face criminal charges. The panic, confusion and utter fear that arise can be truly overwhelming, and the fact is that these emotional responses are quite justified.

The often devastating consequences of criminal convictions and sometimes even of mere accusations can be far-reaching, and must be fought with every tool available. From costly fines and restitution requirements to extended periods of incarceration, the implications of being found guilty must not be taken lightly.

The simple truth is that in order to maximize the likelihood of having a criminal charge reduced or perhaps even dismissed altogether, it is vital to obtain the assistance of a Georgia criminal lawyer who is ready and willing to protect your rights and provide the most vigorous defense possible. En Español.

Classification of Crimes in Georgia

Articulations of criminal offenses and their potential penalties are found under O.C.G.A. Title 16 Given that the criminal code provisions are so expansive and encompass offenses that run the gamut from assault and battery to check forgery, anyone facing allegations of criminal activity needs to enlist the assistance of a legal practitioner with broad-based defense experience. Among the most commonly-lodged criminal charges in Georgia are:

  • Alcohol-related offenses such as consumption by minors, operating vehicles under the influence
  • Traffic-related offenses including driving on suspended or revoked license, distracted driving
  • Property crimes such as trespassing and arson
  • Drug offenses including manufacturing, distribution and simple possession
  • Sex crimes encompassing rape, prostitution and obscenity, as found in C.G.A. Title 16 Chapter 6 and O.C.G.A. Title 16 Chapter 12
  • Crimes against the person including child abuse, assault and battery, as enumerated in C.G.A. Title 16 Chapter 5
  • White collar crimes including embezzlement, forgery, fraud and bribery, articulated in C.G.A. Title 16 Chapter 9

These and other offenses listed in the Georgia Code are all characterized by distinctive elements, each of which must be explicitly established by the prosecution in order for a conviction to be obtained. Criminal defense lawyers work to attack the state’s arguments at every possible level, undermine the reliability of evidence gathering techniques and expose weakness in a prosecutor’s proofs in order to achieve a positive client outcome.

For some defendants, it may even be possible to have charges reduced or dismissed altogether, but should that prove exceedingly difficult, a criminal attorney will endeavor to mitigate the sanctions to be imposed upon sentencing through effective plea bargaining.

Georgia Felonies and Misdemeanors

The strategies employed by a Georgia criminal defense lawyer will likely depend on the specific classification of the offense with which a given client is charged. For instance, O.C.G.A. § 17-10-3 elucidates the sanctions which can imposed for misdemeanor crimes, as well as the limits thereon.

This category of crimes has maximum terms of imprisonment of one year, standing in contrast to a wide array of felony offenses which can yield much lengthier terms of incarceration, up to and including life sentences.

Clearly, anyone who has been charged with a crime, whether felony or misdemeanor, owes it to themselves and their families to take prompt action to secure the most vigorous legal defense available.

Finding an advocate who is committed to preserving the rights of the accused and pursuing every avenue of defense is the best way to increase the chances of reduction or dismissal or charges. If those outcomes are unattainable, a strong negotiator can help lessen the sanctions faced in the aftermath of conviction.

Contact an Aggressive Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney Today

There can be no doubt about the life-altering impact a criminal conviction almost always has on an individual. Loss of personal freedom for often lengthy periods of time, costly fines and restitution requirements, job loss and future inability to secure gainful employment are just a few of the lasting consequences of a criminal record.

The personal implications of convictions can be equally devastating, ranging from irreparable reputation damage, familial discord, loss of child custody and divorce. The fact is that being convicted of a crime is something that can cause negative ripple effects for decades.

When it comes to fighting back against serious criminal charges, there truly is no substitute for zealous, knowledgeable representation. The stakes are simply too high to leave your future prospects in the hands of a novice. To learn more about your rights and to discover how a Georgia criminal lawyer with our firm can help protect them, contact us today.

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HS_0167ret-minBubba Head gained a lot of news media attention for a stunning jury trial victory in an Atlanta news anchor DUI case. Only about 1% of Mr. Head’s many trials are newsworthy, but are the most important Atlanta DUI cases to each of the clients he represents. His 40 years of DUI defense has secured his position as the best DUI lawyer in Georgia, in the minds of most Atlanta attorneys.

Partner Larry Kohn has been with Mr. Head for nearly 2 decades. Larry started working for DUI guru Bubba Head when he was a first year law student, and he is now a partner. Mr. Kohn is one of Georgia’s top-rated DUI attorneys, according to client reviews on AVVO.

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All of our Atlanta DUI lawyers are trained at the most advanced level for these legal topics pertaining to drunk driving arrest cases:

  • NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Tests – Participant Course
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  • DRE Drug Recognition Overview Training
  • Blood and Urine Testing
  • Breath Testing (Intoxilyzer)
  • Warrantless Arrests (e.g., DUI Checkpoints)

Board-certified DUI specialist Bubba Head is co-author of the “bible” on Georgia DUI laws: The Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual. It is published by Thomson-West-Reuters, the world’s largest legal book publisher. Mr. Head has authored or co-authored 11 more books on various state DUI-DWI laws, including Florida, New Hampshire, California, Tennessee, Washington, New York, and other jurisdictions.

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