What might appear on your permanent criminal record is of critical concern and adversely affects so much in your life. A criminal record can hinder your child custody efforts, employment opportunities, and the ability to get credit. In certain limited cases, one can seek to expunge or “erase” their criminal record.

In certain circumstances, it may be possible to seek an expungement and a sealing of your criminal records. If you or your loved one has a criminal history in Georgia, call an Alpharetta expungement lawyer right away. A diligent and experienced criminal lawyer can fight for the justice you deserve.

Case Eligibility for Expungement

It is not easy to have a criminal conviction wiped off of one’s criminal record. Public policy dictates that there are certain types of convictions that are never expunged. Agencies tend to have differing perspectives on expungement. Some agencies are rather open to expungements, while other agencies never grant them.

Alpharetta records restriction is possible in specific criminal cases, typically when an individual is not convicted of a crime. An Alpharetta expungement lawyer may be able to get criminal records sealed when:

  • The person’s case was not indicted by the District Attorney
  • There was no accusation filed on the case, the State refused to prosecute
  • If the case went to trial, the defendant was not found guilty of the charge
  • The accused entered a pre-trial diversion program, and the state agreed to dismiss the charges provided that they complete such things as anger management courses, drug rehabilitation, or domestic violence classes

In certain counties in Georgia, diversion programs are not offered at all.

Steps to Take After Trial

When the defendant’s case is over or dismissed, certain documentation is filed with the clerk of court. The clerk is then required to enter the information into a database, called the Georgia Crime Information Center database.

There is a box that the clerk can check that shows that a person’s record is restricted. If the particular box is not checked, then the person’s record will not be restricted and will show up in the official criminal history.

If an individual’s record is not restricted, they should obtain a complete copy of their criminal history. After a brief period of time, the individual can go to a police station and get a copy of their criminal report to be certain that it has or has not been restricted.

Contact a Lawyer

A criminal record that shows certain allegations and/or convictions can be a scar upon one’s life far into the future. It can hinder job and educational opportunities and can hurt any custody matters that a person may be involved in. The punishments are quite severe and can have an enduring impact.

If you find yourself in this extremely difficult situation, Alpharetta expungement lawyers are prepared to help you to restrict rights to your criminal record, to seal all criminal information, and expunge your criminal records.