By: Criminal Defense Attorney and DUI Lawyer Larry Kohn, Municipal Court of Atlanta Lawyer for Traffic Tickets, Including an Atlanta Citation for Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Most Atlanta Georgia arrests for misdemeanors start in City of Atlanta traffic court. The city of Atlanta sprawls out into a small part of DeKalb County including some parts of Moreland Avenue at Memorial and North Druid Hills Road, north of I-20. Once a city of Atlanta citation is issued, your first court appearance will be at the Atlanta Municipal courthouse at 150 Garnett St SW, Atlanta, GA 30303.

Atlanta City Limits

This page about Atlanta GA Municipal Court gives you some basic information, including ways to find Atlanta Municipal Court Parking. Plus, learn how to access the Atlanta Municipal Court pay ticket online portal and how to dress for court.

Atlanta Municipal Court

In addition, this page covers some vital information about some things that self-represented defendants or untrained criminal lawyers might miss when defending their cases at Atlanta GA traffic court. As you consider the legal advocate for your case, consider this graphic regarding how many cases are processed annually:

Types of Cases Atlanta Municipal Court

Whether you are in an Atlanta Municipal Court FTA status for non-appearance at the City of Atlanta Court or coming to your arraignment in the city of Atlanta Municipal Court, our lawyers in Atlanta can help you not forfeit the cash bail. You will only have ONE SHOT at winning, so make the best of it by hiring experienced criminal justice attorneys in Atlanta.

In some cases, our award-winning traffic lawyers can obtain aa Atlanta Municipal Court PTIT dismissal for CDL drivers (or others) for whom the present traffic citation will cost them their job. Unless a warrant amnesty program is implements, your best bet if to go to court and find a way to settle your pending case.

Other Traffic Tickets Handled by Atlanta Municipal Court

7 Reasons

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Plus, William Head is one of Georgia’s four ABA Board-Certified DUI attorneys, as overseen by the National College for DUI Defense.

Let Our Atlanta Attorneys Try to Get You Out of Jail

If you were arrested for a misdemeanor drunk driving charge by the Atlanta Police Department or the Georgia State Patrol Nighthawks, getting out of jail is not easy. You need a top-rated DUI ATTORNEY near me for help? 404-567-5515.

DUI Jail Time in Georgia

A DUI arrest can potentially change your life for the WORST if not handled properly. Call for your FREE LAWYER CONSULTATION.

DUI Arrest: First Thing That You Must Do is Protect Your Right to Drive

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Once out of jail, and after receiving your personal belongings, you MAY no longer have your driver’s license. Under O.C.G.A. Sections 40-5-67 and O.C.G.A. 40-5-67.1, your driver’s license could be AT RISK OF A 12-month LICENSE SUSPENSION.

You likely were handed an 8 ½ inch by 11-inch form issued by Georgia DDS called a DDS Form 1205. The wording of this temporary permit deceives SOME people into thinking they don’t need to take immediate action. WRONG! The arresting officer issued the temporary license under provisions of Georgia implied consent law, and the DEADLINE is 30 days.

GA DUI 30 Day Notice

This form contains an IMPORTANT 30-day deadline notice. Plus, since July 1, 2017, most GA licensees have TWO options. The new option of installing a 12-month Ignition Interlock Device has been added to the Georgia DDS appeal.

Facing Arraignment at Traffic Court of Atlanta

When you face a DUI arraignment in Municipal Court of Atlanta, this first court date is determined by when you were arrested for impaired driving in the City of Atlanta. Under the current “requirement” that a judge considers your case before a bond in a DUI case can be set, this delays most people from being released in a reasonable amount of time.

Unlike all other metro counties like Gwinnett County, Cobb County, DeKalb County, and Fulton County (in areas OTHER THAN the City of Atlanta) you can be out of jail in less than two hours. An Atlanta traffic ticket attorney with our Atlanta DUI law group is ready to step in and try to help get you OUT OF JAIL!

At the arraignment, an Atlanta Municipal Court judge will call out the cases on that day’s docket and will list the traffic charges against you and ask how you plead. Missing your court date is a big error and can start your case off “on the wrong foot.” You can find yourself facing an FTA (failure to appear) and a bench warrant for missing your court date. You’ll waste time, money, and incur extra costs to UNDO this mess.

You can plead guilty, not guilty, or enter a plea of no contest. A plea of guilty or no contest means your Atlanta DUI case is over and you will be sentenced immediately. Pleading not guilty means your DUI case will proceed with another court date at the Municipal Court of Atlanta GA.

Hire Our Law Firm’s Award-Winning Atlanta Traffic Lawyers Near Me

Bubba Head and Cory Yager

Since this Atlanta court is the state of Georgia’s busiest traffic court, it is also our law office’s busiest court. One of our four Atlanta metro area law office locations is located at 235 Peachtree Street, Atlanta GA 30303, about a mile from the Atlanta court.

Our Attorneys in Atlanta cover Your Atlanta Court Appearance

The Atlanta Municipal Court’s website can be searched by your full name or citation number: If you need to know your courtroom location at Atlanta Municipal Court, you can find that information by clicking the ‘case number’ by your name.

Larry Kohn, Bubba Head, and Cory Yager

If all else fails, try the Atlanta Municipal Court clerk’s office at 404-954-7914.

As far as court attire, the Atlanta Municipal Court dress code is not posted online. However, this is good advice for appearing in ANY court in Georgia: Dress as though you are interviewing for a very important office job and look your best.

Think of how nicely people dress for a wedding or funeral and come close to matching that. No shorts, no flip-flops or open-toed shoes, and wear a shirt or blouse with a collar. No hats are to be worn in court, so carry it in your hand, if you arrive and have one on.

If speaking to a Judge, address the judge as “Yes, Sir,” or Yes, Ma’am,” or “Yes, Your Honor.”.

Currently, 10 Atlanta Municipal Court Judges are assigned to courtrooms in the Municipal Court of Atlanta:

Judge Ward, Judge Gaines, Judge Portis, Judge Butler, Judge Sloan, Judge Dupre, Judge Bey, Judge Gundy, Judge Graves, and Judge Jackson

The current Chief Judge is Christopher Portis.

Jury Trial Options for Fulton State Court or DeKalb County State Court

Since the City of Atlanta spans into parts of both counties, this central court processes all paperwork. So, accused citizens who have lost their paperwork often search phrases like Fulton County Traffic Court, or DeKalb County Traffic Court, hoping to find a phone number to check on their court date and time.

Depending on which COUNTY your arrest occurred in, your jury trial option would be in either DeKalb State Court or Fulton State Court. You have the right to a jury trial because all moving violations in Georgia are misdemeanor CRIMES. Thus, jail time is possible.


City of Atlanta Municipal Court Website:

Atlanta Municipal Court Clerk (Administrator): Rashida A. Davis (interim, until City Council announces the new Administrator, after Ryan Shepard stepped down in 2017)

Atlanta Municipal Court Solicitor General: Raines F. Carter

Latest online Atlanta Municipal Court fines information, from 2010.

Hours of Operation of Traffic Court of Atlanta GA: Mon – Fri, 7 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Email Address of Municipal Court:

Atlanta Municipal Court Pay Ticket – Payments Line: (404) 658-6940

Atlanta Municipal court parking information for Atlanta Traffic Court (note: the parking fees have gone UP to $16.00 per day.)