If you are afraid of the impact of an Atlanta DUI conviction on your life, consider reaching out to a professional defense attorney today who can help to fight against your charges. Read on to learn about how the impact of an Atlanta DUI conviction can affect different aspects of one’s life, as well as the ways a seasoned lawyer can work to make a difference in your case.

Insurance Rates

Insurance companies normally do not punish individuals for an arrest, and will only punish a driver for a DUI conviction. But insurance contracts and companies are private. This means that they can raise rates for any reason, and the public can determine if it chooses to pay the rate. With an experienced defense attorney on one’s side, a DUI case can potentially be dropped or have the charge reduced to reckless driving or some other sort of non-DUI disposition. This is ultimately the best way to guard against the impact of an Atlanta DUI conviction on one’s insurance policy if they wish to keep paying the same insurance rates.

Commercial Driver’s License Holders

The impact of an Atlanta DUI conviction can be very severe for commercial driver’s license holders. Commercially licensed drivers are ultimately held to a higher standard than the rest of the population because of the type of vehicles they are in charge of. These are special licenses that allow individuals to drive particular types of heavy-duty trucks for their jobs. If someone has more than two DUIs in a lifetime or any sort of serious driving infraction, that individual could potentially lose his or her ability to drive on a commercial driver’s license forever. Their opportunities for employment will certainly be limited in the future.

Effects on Employment

Employers often run background checks in Atlanta, but it also depends on the employer. If someone gets a job as a maintenance technician or business analyst a DUI conviction probably will not affect them. But an individual is going to be driving a truck for Federal Express, a DUI conviction would cause major problems for their employment. Other professions do not allow individuals with a DUI to practice, such as certain types of doctors and airline pilots.

Georgia is not a right to work state. This means that employers have the right to hire or fire someone for any reason. For certain companies, a DUI conviction will cause problems for someone’s security clearance. If an employee loses their security clearance, they may be barred from working in the same sector. In this way, the impact of an Atlanta DUI conviction on one’s current and future employment options can be quite severe.

The Role of a Professional Defense Attorney

In order to prevent an individual from having to experience the full impact of an Atlanta DUI conviction on their employment, a dedicated defense lawyer can advocate for their rights in court. By gathering evidence and interviewing key witnesses, an attorney can create a strong defense strategy on one’s behalf to either prevent their conviction or potentially mitigate their penalties down to a charge of lesser significance. If you wish to fight against the impact of an Atlanta DUI conviction, retain the representation of a skilled defense lawyer today.