Independent blood and urine testing in Atlanta DUI cases can affect the amount of useful evidence an individual has in court. After first submitting to a state-administered chemical test, a person is entitled to additional chemical tests of their blood, breath, urine, or other bodily substances that qualify a person under their own choosing. The person is entitled to go to a doctor or a hospital and get their own chemical test. The person is also entitled to go to other police departments for a breath test. The person is entitled to blow into their breath machines.

If the state does not comply with the person’s request, there is a strong possibility that the person’s tests will be suppressed. The state is obligated to accommodate the person but not obligated to pay for it or make sure they get there. However, they have to make reasonable accommodations to make sure the person gets the chemical test. If you are facing charges for driving under the influence, a distinguished DUI lawyer can help you prepare for you for what to expect following an arrest.

Requesting Independent Testing

An individual may choose the hospital of their choice or physician of their choice for the administration and recording of independent blood and urine testing in their Atlanta DUI case. In every case, the person wants to request their own state-administered chemical test after submitting to the state test. The individual can keep requesting them as many times as they want to. The person is entitled to them under the law and the person wants to take them. The person is entitled to get a blood test from the hospital and go get another breath test from another police department. Hopefully, they will exonerate the person, and the exculpatory information should be provided.

Role of Results in Court

The results of the independent blood and urine testing in Atlanta DUI cases used if a lawyer handles the case correctly. The lawyer representing the person who took the test needs to be able to go ahead and bring in the evidence and present it. However, it is not the state’s evidence to use, it is the defendant’s evidence. The individual should ask themselves if they can employ their own expert whenever they choose. Despite having been tested at a hospital, the individual does not know for certain that the person who tested them is an expert.

In order for attorneys to acquire evidence they need to prove what is called a “chain of custody” to be able to show when the test was administered, how was it administered, who administered it, and that the test result was accurate or reliable.

Consulting a Lawyer

Requesting independent blood and urine testing in Atlanta DUI cases is an important part of local drunk driving cases. An experienced lawyer with local knowledge of the way drug cases are prosecuted can be the biggest asset to your case. They will walk you through the process of finding witnesses and deciding to use or not use the results of your blood and urine tests in court.