In Atlanta, it is mandated in most DUI cases for the defendant to undergo a DUI substance abuse evaluation. An accomplished DUI Lawyer will most likely recommend that one is evaluated by an alcohol and/or drug counselor. If you or someone you know is in the situation, read more about what to expect from Atlanta DUI substance abuse evaluations, then contact a skilled lawyer today.

Who Administers Substance Abuse Evaluations?

Administers of the substance abuse evaluation is certified by the Department of Human Resources. In addition, there are a number of private companies that are certified by the Department of Human Resources that can determine if there is an evident problem with alcohol or drugs.No matter the means to which the Atlanta DUI substance abuse evaluations are given, they are always done in private.

Purpose of DUI Substance Abuse Evaluations

These evaluations are given to determine if a one has a problem with alcohol or drugs. If a problem is found, the goal is to make sure the person is able to seek help for the issues they may have. This is also used as an assessment of any potential issues that may arise. The consequences of this evaluation are simply to get counseling and treatment. In cases where one’s license is suspended, counseling and treatment are required for one’s license to be reinstated.

When an Atlanta DUI substance abuse evaluation indicates addictive behavior that means that one must receive counseling and treatment. This will not result in any serious consequences other counseling and treatment. Having an evaluation may also help lawyer negotiate the case to a lesser disposition or come up with a better disposition for the person. If someone is a first offender, it is often not required that they seek counseling or treatment. First offenders are often relegated to a DUI School and MADD victim impact panel.

Components of Atlanta DUI Substance Abuse Evaluations

It is a multiple choice personality test and counseling questions that ask about the use of alcohol. This is often followed up with an hour to two of face-to-face appointment with the counsel to make a determination if the person has a problem. Most first offenders are not identified as having an issue with substances, however, for most second or third offenders, there is going to be some form of counseling required. In the Atlanta DUI substance abuse evaluations, the person talks with a counselor, in which the counselor will go over what sort of problems there are and what needs to be done.

Benefits of Undergoing Substance Abuse Evaluations

  •  Can help to negotiate the case
  • Allows people to begin getting counseling and treatment early
  • Can mitigate some of the penalties that can come from a DUI

If the court sees that a person is getting help for their problem, they may be less inclined to push for hard consequences.

Qualifications Necessary to Evaluate a Person for Substance Abuse

Atlanta DUI substance abuse evaluations are not unique to Atlanta, but rather where the evaluation group has been picked from. An evaluator has to be certified by the Department of Human Resources. That means that the person has taken classes, is a professional who is a licensed counselor or some sort of professional, i.e. a psychologist or licensed professional addiction counselor. There are definitely qualifications that people need to fulfill in order to properly perform an evaluation.

Requesting a DUI Substance Abuse Evaluation

Anyone may request an Atlanta DUI substance abuse evaluation, they do not have to be charged with a DUI. The results of the evaluation are uniform across the board and can be understood in other jurisdictions. If you are interested in receiving a DUI substance abuse evaluation or would like to learn more about the process, contact a DUI attorney as soon as possible.