Being accused of a sex crime can be devastating to both your personal and professional life. If you are facing charges of a sex crime, you are likely already aware of the severe and potentially life-long consequences you could face if convicted. Conviction of a sex crime in the State of Georgia can result in lengthy prison sentences, high fines, and inclusion on the Georgia Sex Offender Registry.

Even baseless accusations of sex crimes can irreparably damage your reputation in your community and professional life if you do not quickly take steps to protect your legal rights. False accusations can and do occur, but without the assistance of an Atlanta sex crimes lawyer with experience defending against these types of cases you may still be convicted.

Our Atlanta defense lawyers can help you understand the charges against you, as well as your legal rights under the law, and will work with you to build a strong defense to protect your reputation and your freedom. En Español.

Importance of An Attorney

Sex crimes are aggressively prosecuted in Georgia, even in cases where little or no evidence exists. If a person is facing charges of a sex crime, it may feel as if they have already been declared guilty. The mere accusation of these types of offenses can have lasting effects on someone’s professional and personal life, and the way others view them.

The prosecution team that is working on building a sex crimes case is made up of highly trained professionals who are determined to obtain a conviction. Defendants need someone on their side with similar experience and resources to ensure they can present the best possible defense to the charges they are facing.

Atlanta sex crime attorneys understand that charges of sex crimes are sometimes the result of a misunderstanding or misinformation, and will assist in defending clients with compassion and respect.

Georgia Laws Regarding Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are punished severely under Georgia law, and a conviction can have life-altering consequences. Georgia laws relating to sex crimes can be found in Chapter 6, Title 16 of the Georgia Code. Experienced sex crime attorneys in Georgia can help defend against a wide range of charges, including:

  • Prostitution
  • Rape
  • Sodomy
  • Child molestation or exploitation
  • Sexual battery
  • Child pornography

Georgia Sex Offender Registry

In Georgia, any conviction of a sex crime against a minor, including kidnapping, false imprisonment, or transmitting child pornography, will result in inclusion on the Georgia sex offender registry. In addition, if convicted of a dangerous sexual offense, such as rape, sodomy, incest, or child molestation, a person must also register. Misdemeanor convictions and juvenile offenses do not require registration into the registry.

Registration into the Georgia sex offender registry will require a person to notify local authorities of their sex offender status, as well as restricting the places where they may legally live and work.

Registered sex offenders in Georgia may not reside or be employed within 1,000 feet of any childcare facility, church, school, or other area where minors congregate, such as a playground.

There are many other rules and restrictions that must be followed as a registered sex offender, and violation of these rules can have serious penalties. A sex crimes attorney in Georgia can discuss the detailed consequences of a conviction that requires clients to register.

Benefits of An Attorney

Whether you are merely being investigated for a sex crime or have already had charges filed against you, it is imperative that you obtain legal assistance as soon as possible. Even innocent defendants often ruin their chances of avoiding conviction simply because they do not fully understand their rights when speaking to police.

Our Atlanta sex crimes lawyers will explain all of the different aspects of the laws relating to your case, as well as your rights that must be protected by law. We will do everything possible to help you avoid a conviction while protecting your good name. Contact our office for a consultation today!