Being cited or ticketed for traffic violations is so commonplace that for many people, the instinctive response is to pay the fines and move on with life. Doing so, however, is admitting guilt to the charge that has consequences beyond the fine. A driver is at risk for points on their license and increased insurance premiums, at the minimum.

In Georgia, a conviction for a traffic ticket may be worth disputing. When you are considering whether you should fight allegations of a traffic violation in Cobb County, contact a Cobb County traffic attorney that will ensure that you understand the value of maintaining a good driving record to determine if fighting your traffic ticket is your best option. An experienced criminal attorney in Cobb County can gather the elements of the charge to build an effective defense strategy.

Speeding Tickets

Georgia’s speeding law prohibits driving at speeds that are reasonably prudent under the conditions and should be cognizant of potential hazards that may exist. This means that in addition to complying with established speed limits that are posted, a driver must make efforts to be safe.

The penalties for a speeding ticket can include incarceration for up to one year, and fines up to $1,000. Although the maximum penalty is not mandatory and may not be often issued, the possibility is sufficient to warrant consulting a traffic lawyer before opting to admit guilt. To defend against such penalties, an individual should contact a traffic attorney in Cobb County.

Driving Without Insurance

Driving on a suspended registration in violation of OCGA 40-6-15 is very serious. Georgia law treats this for license suspension purposes as serious as a DUI, Hit and Run, or Eluding. A Cobb County traffic lawyer can manage these cases to prevent a license suspension.

Driving Without a License

Driving without a license in Cobb County includes driving when a driver’s license has never been issued, driving with a suspended, revoked, or canceled license, or driving without a physical copy of the driver’s license.

The least serious of the infractions is driving without a license in the driver’s possession and even when that occurs, the driver is likely to still be fined after producing proof of a valid license. When the charge is more serious, such as driving without a valid license, the penalties increase for both first-time offenders and those beyond the first offense.

If a driver is convicted of driving without a valid license, they face two days’ incarceration, fines up to $500, in addition to any penalties associated with the prior suspension or revocation. The fines continue to increase beyond the second offense. To challenge such fines, an individual should enlist the help of a Cobb County traffic attorney.

Contact an Attorney

If you or a loved one find yourself needing to fight a traffic violation in Georgia, do not hesitate to contact a Cobb County traffic lawyer right away, so they can advise you of all your legal options, make sure your rights are sufficiently protected, and discuss next possible steps with you.