If you are facing driving under the influence (DUI) charges in Columbia County, Georgia, there is a lot at stake. Under the state’s sentencing guidelines, a DUI conviction carries a hefty fine, lengthy license suspension and—in some cases—even jail time. Fortunately, as one of the most successful drunk driving defense specialists in the country, Columbia County DUI attorney William C. (Bubba) Head is here to help you avoid such devastating consequences. To learn more or discuss your case consult with a DUI attorney in Georgia today.

Deconstructing Your Prosecutor’s Case

Despite what you may have been told in the past, there are many ways to contest an impaired driving arrest. However, just as if you faced a serious medical problem, you cannot “self-diagnose” the right “cure” for your DUI case. Of course, as with the hiring of any other professional, it is also important to select the most qualified attorney that you can—and that means choosing an attorney who is known as a specialist in DUI cases.

For instance, did you know that it is illegal for an officer to stop your vehicle if he or she does not have probable cause to do so? In other words, unless you were caught speeding, running a red light, or violating other traffic laws, you should not have been pulled over. In fact, if the officer cannot prove that your initial stop was legally warranted, any subsequent charges should be dismissed as a result.

Of course, even if the charges against you are valid, there are a number of other ways to appeal your arrest—and after more than 36 years of experience in DUI defense, attorney William C. Head and his team of legal experts are well-versed in the most successful tactics that can be used to help you avoid the penalties of a DUI conviction.

Hire A Leading Expert On Georgia DUI Law

As the author of more than a dozen textbooks on DUI laws and defense strategies, Mr. Head truly wrote the book on Georgia DUI law. Indeed, his trial strategies are imitated by attorneys throughout the nation. In 2012, he was voted Georgia’s Top DUI Lawyer by Best Lawyers in America, and his reputation for success has made him a frequent commenter on many popular news programs whenever a story involving DUI is in the media.

To ensure you have the best chances of successfully resolving your Columbia County DUI, put one of the most successful attorneys in the nation to work for you.

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