Have you been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in Dade County, Georgia? Before you go before a judge, make sure you get the professional legal help you deserve. Contact one of the leading DUI defense specialists in the state—Dade County DUI attorney William C. (Bubba) Head to ensure you receive the best possible outcome in the courtroom.

Navigating The Complex Court System

Due to the complex nature of DUI law, it is extremely important to hire an attorney who knows the ins and outs of Georgia’s drunk driving laws. After more than 36 years of representing drivers just like you, Mr. Head is more than just an expert in DUI law—he’s a master in the art of defense. In fact, Mr. Head is the author of over a dozen books on tactics for defending drunk drivers, and also wrote the leading treatise on Georgia DUI law.

From questioning the officer’s reasons for initially stopping you to proving the results of your breath tests or your roadside field sobriety exercises are unreliable, there are many strategies available to challenge a drunk driving arrest and avoid the penalties of a DUI conviction. An experienced and resourceful DUI attorney with Mr. Head’s reputation for success can determine the best course of action for your particular situation.

Examples Of Mr. Head’s Prowess

For further proof of Mr. Head’s skill, consider this: attorney William C. Head is often the first person news programmers turn to for insight whenever a story related to DUI law attracts the attention of the media. You may have even seen him on popular evening news programs.

Voted Georgia’s Top DUI Lawyer by Best Lawyers in America in 2012, Mr. Head is an exclusive drunk driving defense attorney who works with clients all across the country. Since 1976, Mr. Head has helped countless individuals reduce or avoid the penalties of a drunk driving conviction—and he may very well do the same for you.

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