Fraud can encompass many different activities and not only those that involve large amounts of money. Furthermore, a fraud charge may result in a felony conviction. As a result, these allegations warrant aggressive representation.

If you were accused of fraud, let a DeKalb County fraud lawyer help. They could investigate your situation and gather any evidence that may help your case. If you have any legal questions or concerns, a qualified criminal defense attorney can address them.

Basic Information on Fraud

Generally, Georgia law defines fraud as a false statement or misrepresentation that damages or harms another individual. There are usually a few elements the prosecution must be able to prove in any fraud offense:

  • The person knowingly provided false information to another individual
  • They knew the other individual would trust that false information
  • The false information damaged the other individual

Examples of Charges in DeKalb County

There are many different types of fraud that could fit within this broad legal definition. The specific charges a person may face depends on the type of information involved. Those with questions about a specific type of fraud may wish to contact a DeKalb County fraud attorney for further assistance.

Credit Card or Debit Card Fraud

Georgia has a specific series of statutes dealing with “financial transaction card fraud,” which includes fraudulently using another person’s credit or debit card. Under Official Code of Georgia Annotated §16-9-33, a person may face these charges if they obtain goods or anything else of value with a stolen or forged credit or debit card. The punishment for credit or debit card fraud depends on the number of goods or valuables a person allegedly obtained.

Internet or E-Mail Fraud

O.C.G.A. §16-9-109.1 sets forth the offense of “fraudulent business practices using Internet or electronic mail.” Generally, this means they intentionally induce other individuals to reveal identifying information, such as a credit card number, through a webpage, e-mail, or other electronic communication. Georgia law punishes Internet or e-mail fraud as a felony, with a possible prison term of up to 20 years and a possible fine of up to $500,000.

Identity Fraud

Georgia law also has a separate series of statutes relating to identity fraud. O.C.G.A. §16-9-121 generally bans the intentional and fraudulent use of another person’s identifying information, such as a Social Security number. Punishment for identity fraud may vary from between one to 15 years in prison, as well as substantial fines.

Contacting a DeKalb County Fraud Attorney

Make sure you do not let any fraud charge go unanswered. To defend your rights, contact a DeKalb County fraud lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer who is familiar with different types of fraud cases can help you understand the specific charges you are facing.

An attorney can thoroughly review the facts of your case to determine what possible defenses may be available. Any type of fraud can result in serious consequences, so it is important to take every action possible to protect your rights. Call today to learn more.