By: Cory Yager, DUI Atlanta Lawyer and Former Police Officer in Georgia

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Driving under the influence is the #1 type of crime for which lawyers in Atlanta fully comprehend the value of retaining a DUI specialist. DUI law is now highly specialized and cannot be entrusted to any trial lawyer who merely dabbles at drunk driving defense, or primarily negotiates guilty pleas instead of litigating DUI cases. Any Georgia DUI lawyer who is not a DUI attorney and whose adult or child is facing prosecution for DUI charges knows who to call for his or her young adult’s Atlanta DUI attorney.

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Finding a criminal defense attorney whose criminal law practice includes three award-winning DUI defense attorneys is rare. Finding that law office and learning that the best DUI lawyer in Georgia leads it is unique. The web page you are reading is from that law firm and its three criminal defense lawyers, DUI lawyer Atlanta Bubba Head, DUI Atlanta attorney Cory Yager, and Larry Kohn, DUI attorney Sandy Springs GA.

Super Lawyers has tapped all three legal counselors in its lawyer ratings and best of Atlanta Georgia recognition for legal advocates. These drunk driving attorneys share over 25 years of “av” (best) recognition from Martindale-Hubbell, and senior partner and DUI lawyer Atlanta GA Bubba Head has been recognized by both Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers in America more consecutive years than any attorney in Georgia.

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In both 2012 and 2017, that organization featured him as its best Atlanta DUI attorney. Finally, in 2003, in its only national vote, the membership of the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD) named William C. Head the top DUI lawyer in America. He is one of only four NCDD Board-Certified Georgia DUI lawyers.

Attorneys for Atlanta Municipal Court

The metro Atlanta area has dozens of DUI court locations, starting with the largest municipal court in Georgia, Atlanta Municipal Court. This court was merged with City Court of Atlanta after 2004, and the City of Atlanta gave up its right to conduct jury trials, opting instead to let Fulton County State Court or DeKalb County State Court process jury trials for all Atlanta DUI cases.

DUI Attorney Atlanta William C. “Bubba” Head Summarizes DUI Defense in 2019

While the number of Georgia DUI arrests have dropped steeply in the last decade, due to reduced police enforcement and most drivers now using ride share and car services like Lyft, Uber, and others. The seriousness of an impaired driving prosecution has become even more punitive and life-changing. Due to cutbacks in DUI enforcement at most police departments in the Peach State, a higher percentage of new arrests involve accidents and many DUI prosecutions also have a personal injury case to settle during or after the criminal case is being prosecuted.

Plus, a significant change in the Georgia implied consent law was enacted in April of 2019, taking out breathalyzer tests as one of the police officer’s options for collecting a post-arrest forensic test. Now the officer asks for blood or urine, with blood testing being requested in 95% of all cases.

Blood Test for Driving Under the Influence in GA

Police procedures and training have become more sophisticated in the number of different training courses police officers may take for DUI interdiction. Many of these additional law enforcement courses are centered around field sobriety test training for either DUI-alcohol or DUI-drugs.

A citizen’s second most important takeaway from this page should be to know that ALL field tests (roadside tests and screenings) are OPTIONAL and VOLUNTARY. The first rule is to SHUT UP since only your name and address are required. Answering all other questions can and should be DECLINED.

The Georgia Law Office Known Statewide for Its Leadership Role in DUI Defense

Bringing over seven decades of criminal defense experience to the table, no other legal team in Georgia can match the courtroom successes of the three Georgia Criminal Defense partners. Not a day of our careers was spent as a prosecutor in Georgia.

Highly Rated Atlanta Drunk Driving Attorney Bubba Head

Instead, our Atlanta law office has been the law practice leader for educating other attorneys and members of the general public about Georgia DUI laws. In fact, Mr. Head wrote his first DUI book, 101 Ways to Avoid a Drunk Driving Conviction in 1991, long before most currently practicing Georgia DUI attorneys even went to law school. Since then, he has authored or co-authored over a dozen more drunk driving books. In 2016, Larry Kohn and Cory Yager became published legal book authors.

While most clients hiring our Georgia attorneys for drunken driving or drugged driving are facing a first offense DUI in Georgia, we have handled clients’ cases when the client’s prior DUIs are in the double digits. So, regardless of felony or misdemeanor, our trial attorneys know how to approach each criminal law case with the goal of winning and the advanced training needed to handle ourselves in a courtroom.

The Educational Background and Training of Atlanta’s Best DUI Lawyers

Best Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyer Bubba Head

Bubba Head is a Double Dawg from the University of Georgia. After graduating with honors from undergraduate school with a degree in history, he immediately entered the University of Georgia School of Law in 1973 and graduated and passed the Bar in June of 1976.

Lawrence A. Kohn, better known as “Larry,” graduated from Emory University in 1994 and Georgia State University School of law in October of 1998, magna cum laude.

Cory E. Yager graduated from undergraduate school at S.U.N.Y. in his home state of New York before moving to Georgia to become a law enforcement officer. After working for nearly ten years in the Cobb County Police Department and Roswell Police Department, he became a lawyer in October of 2007. He graduated summa cum laude as the second highest honors graduate of Atlanta’s John Marshall University School of Law while working full time as an officer of the law.

Our Law Office Attorneys and Their Advanced Training in Police Science

Georgia Field Sobriety Test Training

Georgia attorney Bubba Head started the movement toward bringing criminal attorneys up to speed on how DUI enforcement officers are trained. In July of 1994, he financed and set up the first criminal defense lawyer training for criminal law attorneys. This inaugural field sobriety training course was held at a hotel on Lenox Road in Atlanta GA.

Walk and Turn Test Clues GA

Rick Swope and two other Florida DUI task force officers trained Mr. Head and 31 other legal professionals invited by Mr. Head. Each student who passed the course received their certificate of completion having gone through the SAME training as police officers, under National Highway Traffic Safety Administration guidelines. All three partners have completed this training and the NHTSA Instructor Course for field sobriety tests.

In 1996, Mr. Head promoted and sponsored America’s first multi-day, Intoxilyzer breath alcohol training seminar for DUI attorneys across America. This training was conducted at the Emory Conference Center in DeKalb County, GA. All students had to pass a difficult written exam on pharmacokinetics, partition ratio, infrared spectroscopy, fuel cell breathalyzer technology and how to use the Widmark’s formula to estimate BAC levels, Beer’s Law, and many more scientific topics. Plus, every student received hands-on training on the six Intoxilyzer instruments brought to Georgia for this special course.

Breathalyzer for Drunk Driving Georgia

Attendees came from Florida, Alabama, California, Mississippi, Virginia, Alaska, Texas, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, plus from Dalton GA, Macon, GA, Roswell GA, and Atlanta Georgia. He later repeated sponsoring of this multi-day, intensive training program in 2004. This training was for the Intoxilyzer brand of breath alcohol tests, but Mr. Head later attended the Datamaster training course in Mansfield, Ohio, when he represented a Michigan resident for an arrest in Birmingham, MI.

Why DUI Defense Lawyers Are in Such High Demand in the State of Georgia: No First Offender Plea

When a citizen is first arrested for DUI in GA, he or she begins looking for a quick and easy way to deal with this embarrassing event. Long before arraignment, our clients will start looking for first offender information but find that this is NOT allowed in Georgia. Other states like West Virginia, Mississippi, Washington state, and Illinois have these types of favorable plea alternatives, but Georgia has NONE and never has offered a 1st offender plea to DUI.

Georgia First Offender Act

Then, accused individuals search for Georgia’s expungement laws, only to learn that expunction of a DUI conviction is not permitted in the Peach State either. Perhaps having moved here from another state like Maryland, Oregon, Illinois, or Washington where diversion, probation before judgment, or conditional discharge is part of state laws, only to learn that the Georgia Legislature has prohibited these options.

Top Atlanta Criminal Attorneys Cory Yager, Bubba Head, Larry Kohn

Then, the absolute necessity of hiring the best drunk driving attorney becomes apparent to these Georgians facing DUI prosecution. Winning is the only answer, and (like a serious medical condition such as cancer), the person charged with DUI knows that a battle is ahead of them. A search for the best attorney ratings and credentials is undertaken. Lastly, when looking for the best GA DUI attorneys near me, our law firm’s name will repeatedly appear on Google searches.

The Five Critical Stages of Aggressive DUI Defense in Georgia

    1. Act quickly to document evidence and gather witness names and contact information.

Our law office gives all clients a FREE consultation, plus MORE information about DUI law than any law office in America, for FREE. All you need to do is call our intake line at 404-567-5515  and ask for our Initial Client Package. This package includes a questionnaire for you to complete for our lawyers in Atlanta GA to review and identify witnesses, key facts from your arrest, and your side of the story. Plus, you will receive dozens of links, attachments, and a FREE PDF copy of one of Mr. Head’s books (430-pages) on how to beat a DUI.

    2. Taking One of Two Options for Saving Your Driving Privileges Within 30 Days.

Almost 100% of drivers arrested in Georgia for DUI ned to either appeal their pending administrative license suspension (ALS) or opt for the 12-month ignition interlock device that became available under O.C.G.A. 40-5-64.1 to most drivers on July 1, 2017. CAUTION: 30 days is the absolute LATEST date to do one or the other, and acting early is the BEST plan!

GA Driver's License Suspension for Drunk Driving Georgia

    3. Hiring the Best DUI Attorney in Georgia for Your Criminal Defense

As with a medical emergency needing surgery, don’t merely look for lawyers near me. You need a specialist with a proven track record. Like going to MD Anderson in Texas, Duke University in North Carolina, or Sloan-Kettering in New York for the best, cutting-edge cancer treatment, so should you shun mail solicitations or flashy websites that are backed by cheap DUI lawyers.

    4. Following Your Criminal Lawyer’s Advice on How to Prepare for Court

You will have many “tasks” to undertake to best prepare you for the criminal case. If your lawyer is not advising you to take these vital steps as a “safety net” for your total defense, then you may be at the wrong law firm. Your criminal defense attorneys file the appropriate, targeted motions to challenge all aspects of your DUI prosecution, but you have things to be doing as well.

    5. Being Prepared for Motions (and Possible Appeal), a Reduction of Charges, or Trial.

Once the Georgia DDS administrative hearing or interlock is handled, your lawyer’s next major move is to file various, targeted motions and argue all legal issues at pretrial motion hearings. These written rulings often frame your winning defense in fighting your DUI accusation.

Your future could be at stake! Call our award-winning GA DUI lawyers at 404-567-5515 NOW! Speak to our Atlanta drunk driving attorneys during your FREE lawyer consultation near me and ask about our flexible attorney’s fees payment plans available. Plus, top Georgia criminal defense lawyer Bubba Head will send you a FREE copy of his DUI book. A Partner will answer your phone calls, emails, and video calls 24-7.

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