People who live and spend time in Dunwoody are subject to both State and municipal ordinances. Dunwoody, in an effort to protect the community, can levy disorderly conduct violations against people who disrupt the peace.

Like all local authorities, Dunwoody can curtail the rights to freedom of speech and assembly in certain cases. Some of the limitations on your rights take the form of disorderly conduct ordinances. If you are facing charges of disorderly conduct, contact a driven criminal defense attorney today. A Dunwoody disorderly conduct lawyer can help you fight the charge.

Disorderly Conduct in Dunwoody Defined

Chapter 24, Article I, Section 24-1 of Dunwoody Code of Ordinances lists twelve kinds of behavior that could amount to disorderly conduct. Some of the offenses listed in the ordinance are:

  • Acting in a violent or tumultuous manner toward another
  • Assembling or congregating with another or others for gaming
  • Interfering, by acts of physical obstruction, with another’s pursuit of a lawful occupation
  • Throwing bottles, paper, cans, glass, sticks, stones, missiles, or any other debris on public property
  • Directing fighting words toward another

The above is not a complete list of prohibited behaviors and some of the descriptions above are abbreviated. Speak with a Dunwoody disorderly conduct lawyer for more information.

Challenging a Disorderly Conduct Charge

Notice that some of the prohibitions contained in Section 24-1 are specific, such as throwing bottles, while others are vaguer. Standing on a sidewalk in a manner which “impedes…pedestrian traffic,” for example, could be difficult to prove. After all, under normal circumstances, everyone technically has a right to stand on the sidewalk. It is not always clear when simply standing on the sidewalk rises to the level of disorderly conduct.

Because of the vagueness surrounding disorderly conduct law in Dunwoody, a person facing these charges may feel police treated them unfairly. An individual may have believed they were acting within their rights when suddenly they find themselves in handcuffs. Perhaps they were acting within their constitutional rights when police arrested them.

A Dunwoody disorderly conduct lawyer could help prove an individual was acting within their constitutional rights. They understand the slight distinctions between an individual acting within their rights and acting disorderly and can explain those differences to the court.

Contact a Dunwoody Disorderly Conduct Attorney Today

Disorderly conduct charges can be confusing. Often, an individual facing these allegations will believe they were well within their rights. Therefore, it is natural for individuals to feel their charges are unjust or unfair. A Dunwoody disorderly conduct lawyer could help an individual by fighting the validity of the charge itself.

If you are facing charges for disorderly conduct in Dunwoody, it is your right to challenge it. While Dunwoody can limit your legal rights to express yourself and occupy public space, a disorderly conduct attorney could prove that you were acting in a legal manner and can help you seek the best possible outcome for your case. To learn more, contact a Dunwoody disorderly conduct attorney today.