Law enforcement officials in Fulton County often take a hard stance when it comes to fraud crimes to protect individuals who may be vulnerable members of society. However, in their zeal to protect the rights of some, these officials may unfairly compromise the rights of others.

If you are facing charges involving fraud, it is important to understand that you have legal rights and know the steps to take to preserve those rights. When you consult with an adept attorney who understands the myriad of laws governing fraud crimes and has seen how local courts have applied those laws, you can learn about the charges and your options for fighting those charges. A Fulton County fraud lawyer can begin right away to collect and preserve vital evidence and advocate on your behalf to help reach the optimum outcome in your case.

Defining Fraud in Fulton County

Fraud is a broad term that has been used in the law for centuries. Essentially, fraud refers to the act of acquiring money or something valuable through deceitful or dishonest means. It is often described as a white-collar crime.

Modern society contains many different assets of value and many different means of conducting transactions with those assets, so there are many different types of fraud. Some of the more common fraud charges in Fulton County include:

  • Mail fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Forgery
  • Insurance fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Embezzlement
  • Computer fraud

Often, a fraud case will involve more than one charge. For instance, an individual may face charges for stealing an ATM or credit card and then face a separate offense involving the use of that card. Speak with a Fulton County fraud lawyer to learn more.

Check Fraudulence

Check fraud can occur in several different ways. Some common instances include situations where someone uses stolen or forged checks to obtain goods or deposit money into an account. Check fraud also occurs when a person uses a fake ID to withdraw cash from an account or makes a withdrawal based on a fraudulent deposit. This last offense is referred to as check kiting. It is imperative that a person charged with this offense get in contact with a Fulton County fraud lawyer as soon as possible.

When Is It Illegal to Use a Credit Card?

Fraudulent use of a credit card is an extremely common offense in Fulton County, partially because residents can commit this crime without even realizing it. For instance, an individual may have been using a relative’s card for years but suddenly permission to use that card is revoked and the use of the card becomes a crime. A similar situation can happen with credit cards shared among couples engaged in divorce proceedings.

To violate the law, use of the credit card must be undertaken with the intent to defraud, so if the card was used without such intent, evidence of that state of mind should be relevant toward defending against the charges.

Find a Fulton County Fraud Attorney Today

Fraud crimes are often felony offenses with penalties that can include more than a year of imprisonment and fines of several thousand dollars, even for a first offense. Whether you are facing charges of bank fraud, insurance fraud, mail fraud, credit fraud, or identity theft,it is important to take the charges seriously.

When you work with an experienced Fulton County fraud lawyer, you can feel confident that you are taking the most important step to preserve your rights and move toward the best possible resolution of your case. Contact a lawyer now to get an experienced team working for you right away.