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Georgia domestic violence laws define domestic violence charges as any felony or battery, simple battery, assault, aggravated assault, stalking, criminal damage to property, or criminal trespass (damage less than $500) that takes place between members of the same household or formerly of the same household. A variety of criminal offenses relating to assault, battery or a family violence act in front of a child.

This group of “related” parties can include parents of the same child, past or present spouses, foster parents, parents, and children. The criminal charge of family violence may be a precursor to a divorce, and family disruption.

Facing a simple battery or family violence battery charge creates a stressful experience. The accused citizen must worry about the potential of a conviction and the potential social stigma of such a criminal charge. Harsh financial consequences could follow merely an accusation, much less a conviction.

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Domestic Violence Lawyers Near Me

Therefore, skilled and experienced Georgia domestic violence lawyers near me will be essential if you are facing charges, as they can work hard to develop a course of action that will help you receive a desirable outcome. An experienced attorney will have handled many domestic violence cases and will be able to give you the best possible defense for your case. With this level of experience, you can be confident in knowing there is a defense lawyer who can point you in the right direction. En Español.


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Georgia Domestic Violence Laws

Under Georgia law, domestic violence includes a variety of criminal activity including battery, simple battery, assault, simple assault, stalking, criminal damage to property, unlawful restraint, and criminal trespassing. Violence between family members is the primary aspect of domestic violence and includes aggressive behavior towards current and former spouses, parents, and their children.

A person arrested for domestic violence typically will have to spend the night of his or her arrest in jail. Someone cannot be bailed out until they have appeared before a judge, which usually means they will be in jail for at least 24 hours. A first-time conviction for domestic violence or family violence battery is punishable as a misdemeanor of a high and aggravated nature, and that person could potentially pay a fine of up to $5,000 and spend a maximum of 12 months in jail.

Each additional conviction for domestic violence will be punished as a felony and could result in a maximum jail sentence of up to five years, making it imperative that a domestic violence attorney near me in Georgia be consulted immediately.

Definition of Domestic Violence in Georgia

In a nutshell, the definition of domestic violence or family violence is the criminal act of abusive behavior that is manifested by harmful physical or emotional actions within a domestic (family or household) unit. The victim can be a family member or person in an intimate relationship (past or present), whether the parties are married or not. Plus, Georgia laws extend to parents of the same child, foster parents, stepparents, siblings, and grandparents.

The illegal actions can occur through a myriad of forms of abuse that can include forcing sex, physical violence, psychological abuse, or other abusive behavior. Signs of emotional abuse or other types of domestic violence often begin with a small incident but escalate to domestic abuse over time.


GA Domestic Violence Laws

Long-Term Consequences of a Domestic Violence Conviction

While paying fines and facing jail time are the typical consequences of domestic violence convictions, other sanctions can be handed out that will negatively affect the quality of a person’s life. One of the first things that can happen to a person charged with domestic violence is that they can be issued a protective order mandating that he or she stay away from the other party and have no contact with that person.

Within 30 days of filing a domestic violence suit, a hearing will take place to discuss the allegations, and a judge may decide that a Family Violence Protection Order is necessary to keep the prosecution safe. You need representation long before this hearing date.

Further, if a convicted person is caught by law enforcement with a firearm, they could face up to ten years in jail and find it difficult to gain employment once they are released. Visitation limitations are also frequently mandated for those who have committed domestic violence. Seeing these life-altering legal issues, you see why consulting domestic battery lawyers near me is critical.

A judge can reduce and set conditions on a person’s visitation rights, including supervised visits or the completion of a family violence intervention program with the help of a domestic violence defense lawyer in Georgia. All these sanctions can be implemented by a judge and can drastically affect the quality of a person’s day-to-day life.

How Do Protective Orders Work in GA?

A court can grant a protective order based upon the filing of a party. The order may direct a person living or formerly living together with the complainant to:

  • refrain from acts of violence
  • grant a party possession of a household
  • exclude a party from the household
  • require a party to provide suitable alternative housing
  • award temporary child custody of one or more children and establish visitation schedules
  • order a party to make payments for a minor
  • provide for spousal support
  • provide possession of personal items, award costs, and attorney fees
  • order the person against whom the restraining order was taken to get psychiatric care and other types of counseling, especially in sexual assault cases.

These orders typically last a year but can be extended to three years or even become permanent. The protective orders can force a person to stay away from that party, move out of their shared house, or provide the other party with a place to live during that time.

While a protective order can certainly limit a person’s choices, their right to bear arms is also in jeopardy if convicted of domestic violence. Federal law prohibits a person from possessing firearms or ammunition if a person has been convicted of domestic violence or is subject to specific protection orders.

Understanding Ex Parte Relief

A person who is seeking relief files a petition with the Superior Court in their jurisdiction alleging one or more acts of family violence. If this petition establishes probable cause that family violence has occurred in the past and may occur in the future, the Court can order temporary ex parte relief. This relief happens without the need for any hearing. Once a judge signs this order, the other party must be served and abide by the order.

However, within ten days and no longer than 30 days, a hearing must take place in which the person who filed the petition must present their case to a judge to determine if the allegations are true. They do not need to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The person needs to show that the allegations are more likely than not, true.

Working with An Attorney on A Plan to Clear Your Record

If a person has been charged with domestic violence, it is crucial that they understand all the consequences that can come with a conviction. Our experienced Atlanta area law firm has three top Atlanta criminal lawyers ready to give immediate legal advice and will try to help you avoid a criminal conviction.

Sometimes this advice means that we will recommend domestic violence programs for a client that needs these charges to disappear. You will want an experienced trial lawyer for such complex cases with thousands of criminal cases under his or her belt.


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Cory Yager, criminal lawyer Atlanta GA, was a police officer for nearly a decade and understands these cases at a different level than most criminal law attorneys. Larry Kohn has defended more domestic violence cases than the other two partners at our law firm.


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Bubba Head is considered by some to be the best criminal defense Atlanta attorney and is top-rated with both Super Lawyers and Best Law Firms in America. Once you hire a member of our law group, the attorney-client relationship is established, and all that you tell us is confidential.

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These charges should be taken seriously and require the help of a knowledgeable attorney who will not be intimidated by the prosecution or the situation at hand. If you have been charged with domestic violence and need guidance, you should contact a Georgia domestic violence lawyer near me who can provide you with a clear defense strategy and will be able to produce an advantageous outcome.

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