When someone is accused of family violence and there are charges brought, it can impact the defendant’s life in many significant ways. Charges can cause serious damage to many important relationships, such as with coworkers, family members, and friends. Even if proven innocent, significant damage may remain.

In addition, there may be fines, jail time, and possible roadblocks to seeing one’s children, if there are any. There are some steps that can be taken to limit additional harmful actions that may hurt an accused person’s legal interests. If you have been falsely accused and you want to know how to fight a false allegation of domestic violence in Georgia, speak with a distinguished family violence attorney that can advise you.

Gathering Evidence

For those who want to know how to fight a false allegation of domestic violence in Georgia, gathering evidence is the first step. It happens quite often that the person alleging they were abused is the person actually committing the abuse. If this is occurring, the accused individual must gather as much evidence as possible. However, one should never place oneself in danger. If a person feels they are in danger, or if they are a present alleged victim of abuse, they should call the local abuse services to seek prompt assistance.

Protecting Valuables

When figuring out how to fight a false allegation of domestic violence in Georgia, the first step individuals should take is protecting their valuables. An accused individual should never simply hope or believe that a spouse, family member, or domestic partner would never do that. Often, that can prove to be a big mistake. When the accused person is aware that the accuser is out of the house, they should gather important documents and personal property as soon as possible. If a restraining order is filed against the accused, they may not be able to enter the residence thereafter.

What Accounts Should be Protected?

Individuals should also take care to make changes to all login information. In this day and age, the accused individual should change all their passwords as soon as possible. Included are passwords on accounts:

  • cell phones
  • vehicle doors
  • computers
  • bank accounts
  • laptops
  • hard drives
  • and any other account that requires a password

It is also vital to inform family members about concerns. Sadly, at times, family members could turn their back on an individual who has been charged with family violence. The accused should keep family members apprised of the accuser’s chaotic behaviors, and the earlier the better.

Hiring an Attorney

If you are wondering how to fight a false allegation of domestic violence in Georgia, the most important step you can take is to engage a family violence defense attorney. An accused individual can start with a free consultation from an experienced domestic violence lawyer, to at least discover what some of the options may be. It is possible that the attorney may alert an individual to certain critical steps they need to take right away, to protect their interests. Seek the services of a capable family violence attorney who can devote the time and resources necessary to build your case.