As is the case with most states, Georgia does not take drug offenses lightly. Because the societal ripple effects of drug trafficking and use are viewed as being extremely detrimental, offenders convicted of such crimes generally face stiff sanctions which can include costly fines and lengthy periods of incarceration.

With mandatory minimum sentencing in place for certain classes of individuals found guilty of drug offenses, it is essential for the accused to seek aggressive defense counsel who can assert their rights and pursue fairness from the judicial system.

Because each drug offense case is different, it is necessary for an experienced Georgia drug lawyer to thoroughly investigate the facts, identify weaknesses in the state’s positions and marshal effective arguments on every client’s behalf. Even offenses that may initially seem relatively minor, such as marijuana possession, can quickly escalate if there is a record of prior criminal acts.

If you are facing substantial threats to your freedom and future prospects due to pending drug charges, you owe it to yourself to secure legal representation as soon as possible.

Types of Drug Charges in Georgia

As articulated in detail at O.C.G.A. Title 16 Chapter 13, drug crimes within the state of Georgia can include a relatively broad array of activities, though among the most frequently charged offenses that warrant attention from a drug lawyer in Georgia include:

  • Possession of narcotics/controlled substances
  • Sale of drugs or controlled substances
  • Possession of drugs for purpose of sale
  • Illegal transporting of drugs
  • Drug trafficking
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Manufacturing and distribution of drugs
  • Crimes committed while under the influence of drugs or controlled substances

Because the potential penalties and available defenses can differ substantially depending on which offense has been charged, it is critical to engage the services of an attorney with a strong background challenging prosecution arguments at every turn.

Lasting Impact of Drug Crime Convictions

It is impossible to overstate the potentially permanent effect conviction of a drug offense can have on any individual’s life.

In the immediate term, a drug conviction can result in lengthy imprisonment, crippling financial penalties, onerous community service requirements and probationary supervision which can seem almost interminable.

However, it may be that the true consequences of a drug conviction do not emerge until later on, when a convicted offender attempts to secure employment or pass a background check necessary for any number of endeavors.

Felony convictions tend to follow individuals for the remainder of their lives, and the lasting social stigma can undermine personal relationships, community ties and bring shame upon entire families.

Drug Crime Defenses

An experienced Georgia drug attorney will possess detailed knowledge of state and federal law and will work diligently to find holes in the state’s case. Because many drug charges are the product of unconstitutional searches and seizures, it is often possible to successfully attack prosecution theories on this basis alone.

In all situations, however, the sooner legal representation is obtained, the sooner a solid defense can be built. With so much a stake in every drug case that is brought, there really is no time to lose, something which is particularly true for defendants with prior criminal records who may be facing many years of imprisonment if found guilty.

Contact a Georgia Attorney Today

Anyone who has been charged with a drug crime in Georgia understands the feelings of panic and confusion that immediately arise. When it comes to preserving personal liberty and maintaining your prospects for a productive life, it is crucial that you leave nothing to chance.

To learn how a drug lawyer in Georgia can help safeguard your access to justice and demand respect for your rights following an arrest, contact us today.


Client Reviews

Title: My son has been given a second chance thanks to Larry Kohn

After my son was arrested for a 2nd drug-related offense within a 5-month period (and while having been on probation already for 2-1/2 years), I called Larry Kohn in August and received a call back within one minute. He managed to fit me in for an appointment that same day. When Larry looked over my son's case and recommended a course of action for these 2 cases plus dealing with his probation violation, I knew immediately that I wanted Larry to take the case. He worked out a payment plan with me for which I was very grateful. Larry visited my son in jail to gather the facts and spent some time getting to know him. Larry then recommended a good addiction counselor and advised my son to get an addiction evaluation, which he did. Case #2 was postponed a couple of times, but eventually the evidence we were waiting on came through, and Larry Kohn managed to get the case dismissed in September. Turning his attention to case #1, Larry worked out a plan for my son to attend a long-term rehab facility (which he desperately needed) while waiting for case #1 to be heard. Finally, in January Larry Kohn managed to get the charge for case #1 dismissed. In addition, my son was facing a felony on his record because of his probation violation, but Larry put forward reasoning why my son should keep his first offender status, and the Judge agreed!!! I felt from the beginning that Larry Kohn was the best attorney for my son, but I never could have imagined such a great outcome. My son is now healthy, and he is very grateful for this chance to start afresh without a felony on his record. I really cannot thank Larry Kohn enough, and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing legal assistance.

Rating: ★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars