Although almost everyone will have a speeding ticket in his or her life, it will catch up to you if it becomes a more frequent occurrence. In Georgia, speeding is classified as a moving violation. This means that you broke a traffic law while driving a moving vehicle.

With a speeding ticket, you will be ordered to pay a fine. The fine can range from $140 to $330. In addition, you will receive points on your driver’s license. This can range from 2 to 6 points, depending on how many miles over the speed limit you were traveling at the time. Having an excessive amount of points on your license will lead to increased insurance premiums as well as a suspended driver’s license.

As we all know, it is pretty difficult to get around Georgia without a car. Therefore, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney to avoid these consequences. A qualified Georgia speeding ticket lawyer will know how to contest your ticket and deal with the judge. It is difficult for the average person to know which defense will work in traffic court.

Interacting With Law Enforcement

It is critical for you t to know what you should and shouldn’t say if you are pulled over for speeding, as even innocent comments may be used against you in court. For example, something as simple as “I’m sorry” could be construed as admission of guilt.

If you are pulled over, be polite, but do not answer any questions that can later be used against you. Officers often have cameras in their cars and the conversation may be used as evidence.

How an Attorney Can Help

Have you recently been charged with speeding? Our attorneys are experienced Georgia speeding ticket attorneys. They know Georgia’s traffic law inside and out and are pleased to offer statewide speeding ticket defense.

Even if you are from another state, our attorneys can go to court in your presence. Don’t let a speeding ticket affect your insurance rates and driver’s license – contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.