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If you are researching Gwinnett Courts, it is likely because you have a pending criminal cases or traffic case. This web page focuses in providing basic information about the Gwinnett Courts for criminal prosecutions (including Gwinnett traffic tickets), as well as law firms near me that can assist in your defense.

Three main Gwinnett Courts handle criminal matters involving both Gwinnett County arrests and issuance of a moving violation, for later appearance in court. The hierarchy of where cases start is that the largest number are “filtered” out by the Gwinnett Recorder’s Court, which is often mistakenly called “the Gwinnett Municipal Court.” Their phone number is 770-619-6100, but they ask citizens to first go to their web site:

This Gwinnett court can also resolve county ordinance violations, and school bus violations, where cars have not properly stopped and yielded to school bus drivers who are picking up or discharging students. See Recorder’s Court exterior image at the Gwinnett courthouse annex, as shown below:

Gwinnett Traffic Court Usually Means the Recorder’s Court of Gwinnett County

The Recorders Court of Gwinnett County is sometimes referred to as the Gwinnett County Traffic Court, since it processes thousands of traffic tickets and other misdemeanor cases each month. Some of the more serious criminal charges in Recorder’s court are driving under the influence (DUI), hit and run, attempting to elude a police officer, and reckless driving.

The recorders court of Gwinnett County is different from the Gwinnett Magistrate Court which spends most of its time issuing warrants for arrests and for searches. The three judges in Gwinnett County Recorder Court are like referees, hearing cases and handing out punishment, when a person is convicted.

The Superior Court of Gwinnett County handles all felonies. The State Court of Gwinnett County handles misdemeanor jury trial cases. This is where the Gwinnett DUI Court operates.

Certain cases like family violence usually start in Superior Court, even though some allegations of this nature may be chargeable as misdemeanors. Plus, like the DUI Court in Gwinnett State court, Superior Court of Gwinnett County has an accountability court called “Drug Court.”

Because most Georgia DUI cases are misdemeanors, the Gwinnett State Court is one of the main Atlanta-area courthouses within which our Gwinnett County lawyers routinely defend clients.

The State Court of Gwinnett location is 75 Langley Dr SW, Lawrenceville, GA 30046.

The phone number is 770-822-8000. Look at your ticket or accusation to know your court and case matter caption or name.

The Gwinnett County State Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanor traffic violations including driving under the influence charges. Other drunk driving cases like felony DUI and first-degree vehicular homicide are heard in Gwinnett County Superior Court.

You can try to send any questions about any court cases via email, but this contact method (email) is only provided to help resolve technical issues, like “When is my court date?”

If you were arrested for DUI in an unincorporated area of Gwinnett County, your case will be heard in State Court or the Gwinnett County Recorder’s Court. If your arrest occurred in one of the cities in Gwinnett County, your first court appearance, also known as a DUI arraignment, will be held in that city’s Municipal Court.

Appearing in the Gwinnett Courts

In court you will witness a calm professionalism by all parties involved. At your arraignment, if you wish to appear in person, you will see the court staff, the prosecutors, and your attorney greet each other professionally. Court personnel will be hesitant to answer questions about cases, because they are not licensed attorneys.


Our top Gwinnett County law firms must keep up to date on changes to Georgia DUI laws, appellate court rulings, and court decisions in other Georgia counties. If represented by one of the best criminal attorneys, he or she will present recent case decisions to the judge that may weigh in your favor.

When to Contact a Gwinnett Attorney

Upon your release from Gwinnett County jail, which may have been arranged by a bail bond company or a family member, you will receive a traffic citation paper with your arraignment date printed on it. The ultimate decision is yours: (a) do you want to just plead guilty to a drunk driving charge and face harsh penalties; or (b) are you ready to fight by using our veteran criminal attorneys?

This is the way to possibly obtain a reduction of charges to reckless driving, or an outright acquittal of all criminal charge at trial. Experience matters, as well as advanced training on field sobriety tests and police procedures.

Our criminal or DUI lawyers near me (4 locations) will answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. FREE lawyer consultation provided and attorney fee payment plans. 404-567-5515. The earlier your criminal defense attorneys can begin building a solid defense, the better your chances of winning your drunk driving case (or other criminal charge).

Not a single day should be wasted before calling a Gwinnett DUI attorney. Most importantly, you should hire a lawyer to help you to either obtain the 12-month ignition interlock device (on a DUI refusal) or protect your right to drive, by appealing a pending implied consent violation. Trust only the best DUI attorneys near me to answer questions on which direction you should go, on this critical question.

Make no mistake about the very tough DUI penalties and LIFETIME criminal record that follows a DUI conviction. No diversion no expunction and no “aging off” your record is possible.

That is why a DUI in Georgia is SERIOUS business and demands skilled, top-rated representation. What other law firm has THREE published legal authors on DUI-related law topics?