If you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in Gwinnett County, Georgia, time is of the essence. From the moment you were stopped, and all the way through your arrest, the state has been collecting evidence that will be used against you.

Fortunately, it’s not too late to even the playing field—and, as experienced Gwinnett County DUI lawyers, Kohn & Yager, LLC can substantially improve your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome in court.

Per Se DUI versus Less Safe DUI

Georgia state law classifies drunk driving offenses into two categories: “per se” DUI and “less safe” DUI. In cases where a person is caught driving with an illegal amount of alcohol in his or her system, the offense will be classified as a per se crime. Meanwhile, a less safe charge will be used in situations where the individual’s ability to drive is significantly impaired. As a result, the type of DUI charge you face and what your DUI lawyer in Gwinnett County must defense against will depend primarily upon the reason you were pulled over, as well as your blood alcohol content (BAC).

For example, if you are pulled over for a minor traffic offense (such as driving a few miles over the speed limit or running a red light), and the officer suspects you are under the influence of alcohol, he or she may administer a chemical test in order to determine the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream (your BAC). Because federal law prohibits operating a vehicle with a BAC of 0.08% or higher, you can be arrested and charged with DUI if a chemical test indicates you have a BAC above this limit—even if your ability to drive is not affected.

On the other hand, if you are stopped for driving erratically or other serious traffic violation (such as swerving or driving on the wrong side of the road), and a chemical test indicates you have a BAC within the federal limit, you may then be charged with less safe DUI if the test finds any amount of alcohol in your system at all. Given the federal BAC guideline, this may seem unfair; however, because your driving posed a threat to other motorists, you are legally impaired under state law—and thus, can be charged with DUI.

DUI Penalties

Regardless of the type of DUI you are facing, the penalties for a drunk driving conviction usually include a hefty fine, automatic license suspension, and mandatory jail sentence—and that’s just for a first offense. Fortunately, being arrested for DUI is not the same as being convicted and Kohn & Yager, LLC has helped countless drivers like you avoid the life-altering consequences of a DUI conviction.

How a Gwinnett County DUI Lawyer Can Help

From reducing your charges to a lesser offense to getting your case dismissed entirely, count on the Gwinnett County DUI attorney with our firm to provide the aggressive legal representation you need. Whether proving the officer did not have sufficient cause to arrest you to challenging the results of your chemical test, Kohn & Yager, LLC will review the facts of your case to determine the best defense strategy for your situation and improve your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome in court.

To start working on your defense, contact Kohn & Yager, LLC today for a free, no-obligation consultation.