The laws related to gun ownership and a citizen’s ability to carry firearms vary, sometimes significantly, from state to state. Each jurisdiction determines the parameters for legal gun possession, and this is certainly the case within Georgia.

Though gun restrictions in Georgia are thought by many to be less oppressive than in other parts of the country, that does not mean that there are no limits in place. It is certainly possible to face a variety of different gun charges in Georgia, and conviction of such offenses can have serious ramifications.

As a result, anyone accused of a gun-related crime must not delay when it comes to seeking the assistance of an experienced Gwinnett County gun lawyer who can provide the most vigorous defense possible.

Firearms Offenses

Gun ownership rights in Georgia are considered to be somewhat more liberal than elsewhere in the nation, though there are some types of firearms which are illegal in the state no matter what. Among these are sawed-off rifles, rocket launchers, fully automatic machine guns, recoilless rifles, and bazookas.

Not only that, Georgia law prohibits certain classes of individuals from owning any type of firearm, groups which include:

  • Convicted felons
  • Fugitives
  • Individuals under the age of 18
  • Those with prior convictions for carrying guns in school zones or other prohibited places
  • Individuals currently under felony prosecution
  • Those undergoing hospitalization for mental health or addiction issues

A series of other gun-related charges are also possible within Georgia, including unlicensed carry of a revolver or pistol, pointing a firearm at others, or carrying weapons outside the view of others. It is also illegal to possess stolen firearms, to illegally traffic in guns, to make straw purchases, and to engage in other prohibited conduct connected to guns.

The seriousness with which gun offenses are treated is evidenced by the hefty monetary sanctions, jail terms, periods of probationary supervision, and various other consequences that regularly follow convictions on charges of this nature. Anyone facing a gun charge in Georgia owes it to themselves and their families to secure the help of a Gwinnett County gun attorney who will fight for fair treatment under the law.

Sanctions Imposed for Gun Violations

Those accused of gun crimes in Georgia are often faced with a panic. The potential impact of a conviction is serious, and the implications tend to be long-lasting.

Though misdemeanor offenses yield relatively minor financial fines and jail time not to exceed one year, felony convictions have detrimental consequences. Possessing certain types of illegal weapons can result in up to five years’ incarceration, as can second and subsequent guilty findings on gun charges.

Utilizing a firearm in the commission of particular classes of felony crimes can also bring sentencing enhancements able to harm an individual’s chances of earning a living, leading a productive life and maintaining their good standing in the community. A seasoned gun lawyer in Gwinnett County can assist in lessening or reducing such penalties.

Contacting an Attorney

The days following the issuance of a gun charge are inevitably a time of worry and uncertainty for the accused, but it is critical that such individuals take heart and focus on mounting a vigorous legal defense.

If you find yourself confronted by allegations of this type, a Gwinnett County gun lawyer is prepared to explore all avenues of attack against the prosecution’s case in order to protect your rights.