In addition to the criminal penalties associated with assault, an assault conviction can result in an individual losing custody of their child, cause the court to find cause for altering a parenting plan, and may limit their employment opportunities, among other social penalties.

Assault is not as simple as many assume that it is. It is not uncommon for a person to be charged with assault following an altercation that was initiated by another person. Following such an incident, the person may be charged, but there are defenses to assault charges that should be explored when determining the best defense strategy for any case.

If you have been charged with assault in Sandy Springs, it is in your best interest to consult with an experienced Sandy Springs assault lawyer. A qualified criminal attorney can help you determine the most viable approach to ensure that your legal rights are protected.

How Georgia Legally Defines Assault

In Georgia, attempting to cause an injury to another person or engaging in acts, which place another person in reasonable fear of imminent violence, constitutes simple assault. Simple assault is punishable with a period of up to one-year incarceration and fines up to $1,000. A Sandy Springs assault lawyer can attempt to mitigate the charges that an individual may face.

Different Types of Assault

Simple assault against a spouse, former spouse, partner, former partner, or relative constitutes aggravated assault, which is an elevated charge. Aggravated assault and aggravated misdemeanors, in general, are punishable with a period of up to one-year incarceration and fines up to $5,000.

Assault with an object or instrument that causes or that is likely to cause serious injury to the other person while engaging in another felony offense, such as robbery or burglary, is aggravated assault, which is punishable with up to 20 years imprisonment.

If the alleged assault victim is 65 years old or older or is an officer that is acting in their official capacity, the assault also constitutes aggravated assault. The minimum sentence for aggravated assault is three years when the alleged victim is 65 or older. If the alleged victim is an officer, the minimum sentence for aggravated assault is five years imprisonment.


As set forth in the penalties that stem from assault convictions, assault is a serious offense. In addition to the criminal penalties though, the societal consequences that follow the criminal conviction for assault can last much longer and have an impact that is even more significant than being incarcerated, especially if a conviction impacts how often the individual is permitted to visit with their child.

Contacting a Sandy Springs Assault Attorney

For those reasons and many others, if you have been charged with assault, it is imperative that you contact a skilled assault lawyer to ensure that you protect yourself. The outcome of a criminal case can improve dramatically when a skilled attorney takes a personalized approach in determining the best defenses for you. Whether the final determination is that the case should be settled with a plea agreement or proceed to a trial, the potential client’s best interest is consistently what is considered by the attorney. If you have been charged with assault, contact an experienced Sandy Springs assault lawyer to ensure your best outcome.