If you are pulled over for a traffic offense and arrested for DUI by the Sandy Springs police in north Fulton County, you want the best DUI lawyer to fight for you. The police have a DUI task force with at least two officers who are dedicated to finding people who are driving under the influence. You need someone on your side who will fight for you as you face these serious charges.

Jail and Breath Test

If arrested, the police officer will ask you to submit to a blood, breath, or urine test. If you agree to take a breath test you will be taken to a holding cell in the police department on Roswell road.  The Alpharetta jail is on Old Milton Parkway, which is run by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department.

If the Sandy Springs DUI task force or a police officer asks you to submit to a blood test,  you will be taken to the North Fulton Hospital on Roswell Road.

Additional Chemical Testing

If you do decide to submit to the state breath test, you are entitled to request an additional independent chemical test—an option that is highly recommended by many DUI lawyers. The nearest hospital to the Sandy Springs Police Department is the Northside Hospital or St. Joseph’s of Emory.

However, you have the opportunity to go to another hospital or location of your choosing, such as Northside Hospital in Forsyth or North Fulton Hospital on Roswell Road.

Posting Bond

People are generally able to to bond out of jail quickly. You can call bonding companies in Alpharetta and Roswell that have made arrangements with the Sandy springs court to provide bonds.  Alternatively, you also can use cash or property with the Alpharetta jail.

Sandy Springs Court and Your DUI Attorney

You should be given a ticket from the police officer with a court date to appear in the Municipal Court of Sandy Springs, which is located at 7840 Roswell Road in Atlanta. The court is open every day, however, it only has court sessions approximately four times a week.

Once you are released from the Alpharetta jail, it is a good idea to contact a DUI lawyer. You may want to speak with lawyers who practice specifically in the metro Atlanta area.

These criminal attorneys may have an advantage in knowing how the court system works. A DUI attorney can go over the legal rights and options that you will have in the Sandy Springs Municipal Court.

Your attorney may also advise that you bind the case over for a jury trial with the State Court of Fulton County, located at 185 Central Avenue SW in downtown Atlanta. However, it may take one to two years before the case is brought to trial. Resolving the case in the Sandy Springs Municipal Court will be a much faster process.

If you have any questions regarding your arrest, don’t hesitate to fill out a free online case evaluation form immediately.