If you are one of the many Georgia drivers who frequently travel on Walker County roads, you may have noticed that more and more drivers are being pulled over for driving under the influence (DUI) than ever before. Like every other county in the state, Walker County law enforcement officers have really started to crack down on drunk drivers—and as a result, the sentence for DUI includes a number of severe penalties. If you were recently arrested for DUI, it is important to have legal representation if you want to avoid the fines, license suspension, and other punishments that follow a drunk driving conviction.

Getting Pulled Over With An Over-The-Limit BAC

Federal law makes it a crime for any person to operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or higher. If a member of law enforcement suspects you are under the influence of alcohol, he or she will most likely administer a breathalyzer to determine your BAC. If the test indicates you are in violation of the federal BAC limit, you can expect to be arrested and charged with DUI.

Of course, just because a breath test indicates you have an illegal BAC, that doesn’t mean you are actually impaired. As Mr. Head and his team of DUI defense experts can attest, breathalyzers can be quite flawed. In fact, Georgia’s breath testing methods have been under attack by Mr. Head and his team for the past five years—and in many DUI cases, Mr. Head has been able to prove his clients’ test results are unreliable and prevent them from being used as evidence against them.

As the author of more than a dozen books on defending drunk drivers, Mr. Head knows everything there is to know about DUI defense. For over 36 years, he has successfully defended individuals just like you, and his expertise in DUI law has made him a sought after media correspondent. In fact, whenever there’s a story involving DUI in the news, chances are you’ll find Mr. Head providing his insight about it on the evening news.

Get Effective Legal Representation

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