If you don’t think driving under the influence (DUI) is that serious, think again—under Georgia state law, a DUI conviction carries a number of penalties, including a fine, license suspension, and jail sentence. If you were recently arrested in the Wilkes County area, the first thing you should do is contact William C. (Bubba) Head to discuss ways to challenge your arrest. As one of the nation’s leading experts on DUI defense, Mr. Head has helped countless drivers just like you reduce or avoid the consequences of a drunk driving conviction.

Throwing Out Illegal Or Unreliable Evidence

Despite all of the evidence that may have been collected during your arrest, is important to remember that being charged with DUI does not constitute guilt in the eyes of the law. As with any crime, the prosecution must first prove that you are actually guilty of driving under the influence before you can be convicted of the charges against you—and it’s not uncommon for a case to be dismissed due to illegally obtained evidence.

For example, Georgia’s breath testing methods have been under attack by Mr. Head and his team of DUI defense experts for the past five years. Indeed, these tests have been known to falsely inflate a driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC)—and such inaccurate results are often caused by medical conditions or the use of harmless products such as breath mints or gum.

To prepare your case for DUI court, Mr. Head will conduct a thorough investigation of your arrest to ensure the officer’s actions were justified. He will review all of the evidence against you and file a motion to suppress any that was illegally obtained. In fact, he’s known for these types of aggressive defense tactics, and his trial strategies have made him one of the most emulated attorneys in the nation. With such credentials, it’s no surprise to learn that Best Lawyers in America named him Georgia’s Top DUI Lawyer of 2012.

Hire A Lawyer To Survive The Court System

After winning thousands of DUI cases across the country, there’s no one better prepared to handle your case than attorney William C. Head. Since 1976, he and his staff have helped countless drivers get their charges reduced or dismissed, and he can significantly improve your chances of doing the same. Contact the Law Offices of William C. Head today for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your case.

Remember, with all the consequences you face if you are convicted of drunk driving, there’s no better time than now to start planning your defense. Call now to put one of the nation’s leading DUI attorneys to work for you.