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Reduction from Georgia DUI to Reckless Driving

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The most common disposition that we get from a DUI start is a reckless driving. We can get those cases reduced or that’s the most common disposition. It doesn't mean we can get in every case by any means, but a reckless driving is one of the serious driving offenses but since 1990 that has not caused a license suspension in the state of Georgia. In many states it does cause a license suspension.

If you remember the Paris Hilton case she had a disposition in her case to reckless driving and that cost her her license but she didn't quite make it to the end of the suspension period before she got caught. Reckless driving for anyone under twenty one is an automatic loss of license for six months. They're going to lose their license.

Many times we can negotiate an underage driver’s case to get rid of the DUI and put it down to a reckless and the prosecutor seems happy to get a six month suspension of the person’s license and let it go at that. Especially if it’s a low reading or maybe a refusal in those cases and the person is polite to the police officer. Reckless driving carries consequences but for the state of Georgia not an automatic loss of license for anyone except those under twenty one.

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