What Is Aggravated Sexual Battery in Georgia?

Georgia criminal law defines aggravated sexual battery under Georgia Code § 16-6-22.2. This offense occurs when someone penetrates another person’s sexual organ or anus with a foreign object with or without the consent of that person. The term “foreign object” refers to any article or instrument other than the sexual organ of a person. For example, penetration by a weapon like a pistol meets the legal definition of a foreign object.

If you were arrested and charged with aggravated sexual battery in Georgia, you must understand the seriousness of this offense. If you are convicted of this sex crime, you must also know the potential punishment. You should set up a free consultation with a sex crimes criminal defense lawyer immediately. He or she will ask you what led to your arrest, your previous arrest history if any, and explain your defense strategies and next steps.

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It is important to understand Georgia sexual aggravated assault laws. Ask questions and get accurate answers as your case moves through the court system. Ultimately, gaining knowledge about GA sex crime laws can help you get your life back on track.

Your criminal defense lawyer needs to know all of the facts of your case in an effort to reduce prison time, probation, and a lifetime of restrictions on your freedom. This can improve your quality of life and the lives of your family members.

Having a sex crime conviction on your background check can be extremely embarrassing, and will block your social and professional advancement. It can prevent you from moving forward in your personal and career life. This type of conviction can have negative consequences on your reputation and opportunities. It may limit your ability to build business relationships and get a better job.

Does My Age Affect the Conviction Penalties?

Your age at the time of arrest makes a huge difference in the types of legal consequences you will face. A young person in Atlanta facing serious sexual assault charges should hire a skilled sex crimes lawyer. This lawyer will help defend against the aggressive state prosecutor’s office.

How Many Years of Prison for Aggravated Sexual Assault?

The penalties for aggravated sexual battery in Georgia are severe. If the court finds you guilty, the judge may sentence you to life in prison. or you could receive a minimum sentence of 25 years, along with lifelong probation. A juvenile charged with aggravated sexual battery is subject to different conviction penalties.

Sex Offender Registration: People convicted of sex crimes must register as sex offenders. This limits where they can live and work, and puts their name them in state and national sex offender databases. This means that no matter which state you move to, you must alert local law enforcement that you now live in the community.

If you move to a new home, you need to register with the local sheriff’s office soon after. This is required whether you own, rent, or live with family. Failing to do so could result in going back to jail. You are not allowed to live within a certain distance of a school or other educational building.

Aggravated sexual battery includes a lengthy prison term if you are convicted of this felony sex crime. This includes up to life in prison with no parole.

Being convicted of a sexual offense felony means you cannot vote in political elections, nor can you own or possess a gun.

A convicted felon has a much harder time finding a good-paying job, getting decent housing, or traveling to another country. Your world could become very small and painful for years to come.

Your Attorney Will Give You a Solid Defense

Several courtroom defenses can be used in an aggravated sexual assault case including:

Lack of Evidence: If the prosecution lacks sufficient evidence or if the evidence was unlawfully obtained, the aggravated sexual battery charges may be dismissed.

Unintentional Act: The statute requires that the penetration be intentional. If it can be proven that the act was an accident, this could be a valid defense.

Consent: If the alleged victim agreed to the act, it may prevent a crime from being committed. This defense does not apply if the victim is under 16 years old. It may apply if the accused is close in age to the alleged victim in specific circumstances.

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