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By: William C. Head, Criminal Defense Lawyer near me and DUI Lawyer Atlanta, the Man Who Wrote the Book on DUI Laws in GA

Award-Winning Georgia DUI Lawyer Bubba Head; AVVO Clients' Choice; Super Lawyers; Martindale Hubbell; DUI law book author since 1991
What is the penalty for DUI in Georgia? DUI arrests, especially for a Georgia DUI first offense clients, are a shock to these DUI suspects’ system. The Georgia DUI statute, 40-6-391, sets forth the various ways a person can be prosecuted under the Peach State’s drunk driving laws. Being “over the legal limit” is called DUI per se.

Most are shocked that police take you to JAIL on a GA DUI 1st offense, regardless of the case circumstances. The same rule as the Georgia DUI process applies, generally, under DUI-DWI laws in most states.

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