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Atlanta Domestic Violence Attorneys

Domestic violence is treated as a serious offense in Georgia. Domestic violence charges and convictions can cause serious disruptions in a household and can result in unexpected legal troubles. A misdemeanor or felony family violence conviction could be penalized with probation, jail time, anger management courses, and a criminal record.

To avoid serious consequences that could arise after a family violence battery charge or arrest happens, it is important to have the expertise of a skilled Atlanta domestic violence lawyer who understands how these cases work and can defend your rights in a court of law. En Español.

Domestic Violence Laws in Georgia

Family violence in Georgia is considered a crime against the person and is listed under O.C.G.A. Title 16 Chapter 5 alongside possible sentencing. Domestic violence is considered broadly and could include spouses as well as people who are dating or cohabitating, along with family members like grandparents, children, and siblings with whom there is intimacy and an act of abuse.

All of the following may be considered family violence cases in Atlanta:

  • Verbal/emotional abuse
  • Child neglect/abuse
  • Threats of violence
  • Physical abuse/assault
  • Sexual abuse
  • Spousal rape
  • Battery
  • Harassment
  • Stalking
  • Abuse or neglect of elders

Given the wide range of domestic violence offenses that could be brought against a person, it is important to enlist a knowledgeable Atlanta domestic violence attorney that has worked on cases of domestic violence before, and can astutely determine how to handle their client’s case.

Additionally, there could be cases of false accusation in Georgia for domestic violence when a partner may invent a case of abuse or battery during a difficult or unstable time in their relationship, leading the person accused to be punished for a crime based on little evidence other than their loved one’s word against theirs. Family violence cases can be tricky to accurately defend and argue in court, which is why an Atlanta domestic violence lawyer who knows how these cases unfold can prove to be a vital resource.

Penalties and Consequences

Family violence battery charges in Georgia are not treated like other criminal charges, as police may make an arrest based on little more than an accusation of assault or battery. Because of the nature of these crimes, law enforcement will proceed with an investigation and the charges laid against the defendant whether the person who made the accusation wants to press charges or drop the case.

Even an accusation of domestic violence can have far-reaching consequences, solidifying the necessity of an Atlanta domestic violence lawyer on an individual’s behalf. This is especially true for parents who could be denied the right to see their children if they are minors. If convicted, it could lead to loss of child custody and limited or restricted rights to see them. Often the defendant will be removed from the household and may have a restraining order placed against them to protect the person who made the claim of violence.

If convicted of family violence, a person could face criminal charges for a misdemeanor and may have to serve time in prison, take anger management courses, and maintain a criminal record that will follow them for life. Given the serious consequences of a domestic violence conviction, it can be a frightening experience to be charged, which is why having an Atlanta domestic violence attorney who is dedicated to fight for your rights and guide you through the process can prove to be a source of support and relief.

Contacting an Attorney

An accusation of domestic violence can initiate a long legal process that can unravel a family’s life and create even more instability than perhaps there was at the start. A conviction could mean time in jail, loss of rights to see children, and a criminal record that could make finding work more difficult.

With all that is at stake with a family violence battery charge, it is a wise decision to protect your rights with the help of an experienced Atlanta family violence attorney who will walk you through each step and advise you how to proceed to minimize the repercussions. When your future and that of your family’s is on the line, it is not a time to try to handle the complex legal system alone.

Client Reviews
Great lawyer helped me out a lot. Very attentive, made me feel comfortable and at ease!! Really knows his stuff - would use him anytime. M.L.
Mr. Larry Kohn could not have been more helpful. I sent him a message for a free consultation, and unfortunately my case had to be handled in another state. But he completely walked me through everything I needed to do, and even offered to assist the lawyer I did find in Virginia should they need help with my case. Jamie V.
Mr. Kohn is just amazing. He is truthful and realistic when explaining potential outcomes of your case and doesn’t force you to hire him or anything. When I met him, he went through everything about the case and ways to fight it off first before even telling me about his services. He got my case dismissed and kept me out of a lot of potential problems with school applications and future job opportunities. I highly recommend him to anyone. Anurag G.