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Cobb County Superior Court

For criminal legal matters, three different Cobb County courts may be involved with your criminal case and any court date to appear. In certain courts, from the time of being ticketed or arrested until first appearance will usually be within 60 days from date of the initial contact with police.

Cobb County Superior Court Entrance

Cobb County Superior Court is the felony trial court, which utilizes a 12-person jury. These various duties are explained below, and you will also learn that three different buildings house the various courts.

Cobb Superior Court is a “state” court (meaning that is a part of the State of GA) what lawyers call our “court of general jurisdiction,” meaning that it hears all kinds of cases, civil and criminal. Plus, it has equity powers, meaning that it can enjoin (stop) people or companies from doing things and issue orders that controls overseeing the care of incapacitated adults.

The Clerk of Superior Court is on the ground level of the new Cobb County Justice Center, 70 Haynes Street, Marietta, Georgia 30090. The Cobb Superior Court clerk’s automated number is 770-528-1000. Please call after 8 AM to speak to an assistant clerk.

Cobb County State Court

Cobb State Court is the misdemeanor trial court with the state of Georgia’s court system and utilizes a 6-person jury. It is located on the Marietta Square at 12 East Park Square, diagonally across from the historic Strand Theater. Get to the Marietta Square, and look for the unique government building shown below.

Cobb County State Court

The phone number for the Cobb County State Court Clerk is (770) 528-1200. Have your traffic citation in front of you if you are asking about your case number or the next court appearance date.

A special creation of the Georgia Legislature, in the State of Georgia our state courts possess misdemeanor criminal jurisdiction as well as having unlimited “dollar amount” civil case authority in tort cases (personal injury) for injuries, wrongful death or property damage claims. So, the State Court of Cobb judges handle DUI, hit and run, speeding, red light violations, simple battery, bad checks, illegally passing a school bus and a host of other misdemeanor charges. In addition, county ordinance violations are litigated here.

Cobb County Magistrate Court

The Cobb County Magistrate Court issues arrest warrants and search warrants and can set certain bonds. These Magistrate Court judges also periodically “stand in” for Superior Court judges. Their Waddell Street location in the old superior court building (Now called D1) is now connected by a closed causeway that bridges Haynes Street.

Other Cobb County Courts

To locate each of these judges or judges handling Cobb County Probate Court of Cobb County Juvenile Court matters, you could be in one of three different buildings. So, the clerk of Superior Court is at Haynes Street, but both the Probate Court clerk and Magistrate Court clerk are at 32 Waddell Street, Building D1, which is in the block between the State Court and Superior Court buildings.

Cobb County Courthouse Parking

There is not just one place to find Cobb County court records or just one Cobb County Courthouse, Marietta GA. The leaders of Cobb County government committed to keeping the county courts in downtown Marietta, rather than close the traditional Georgia system of being in the historic place that court business takes place, which was Marietta.

Cobb County GA State Court is a familiar place to our three top-rated Cobb County lawyers, who spend many hours successfully defending DUI defendants in a Cobb County court during a very stressful time.

Some people confuse this court with the City of Marietta Municipal Court at 240 Lemon Street, Marietta, GA. This municipal (city) court is run by that city, and only processes misdemeanor cases that originate within their city limits. Any felony arrests within the Marietta city limits go straight to Cobb Superior Ct.

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Most of the criminal cases in the State Court of Cobb County GA are for traffic violations, including serious motor vehicle misdemeanor offenses like driving under the influence (DUI-DWI). Hire criminal lawyers near me who know how to beat a criminal charge in Cobb County.

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