Facing criminal charges in Lawrenceville can be intimidating. Your freedom, family life, and future are all in jeopardy. While it may seem overwhelming, you do not have to face it alone. Lawrenceville criminal defense lawyers are highly trained, reputable attorneys who will work to help you navigate the complex judicial system and attain the best possible outcome in your case.

Even when facing a criminal charge, you have certain inalienable rights such as the right to due process, the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, and the right to fair legal representation. Experienced Georgia defense attorneys can provide this representation, work to protect your rights, and defend you to the best of their abilities. Do not let this stressful situation paralyze you. Now is the time to have an experienced, understanding ally in your corner.

Types of Criminal Charges

With meticulousness and dedication, experienced Lawrenceville criminal lawyers have defended clients against a host of criminal charges, ranging in severity. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Narcotics possession
  • DWI
  • Assault and battery
  • Arson
  • Theft

With their varied knowledge and professional histories, they have an array of resources at their disposal to defend their client at trial. They are not intimidated by the toughest prosecutors and will fight to defend their client before a judge and jury. In many cases, however, Lawrenceville criminal attorneys can avoid the courtroom altogether. Depending on the unique circumstances of someone’s situation, they may be able to have their client’s charges reduced or dismissed.

Benefits of a Criminal Lawyer

There are many details that can impact someone’s case, such how the alleged crime unfolded, how they supposedly came to be involved, and whether their rights were respected from the time of their arrest. In the shock and anxiety following an arrest, it can be difficult to remember their rights, or to speak up for themselves when they feel they are being violated.

No matter what charges someone faces, if certain liberties are violated, they have the right to speak up, and their attorney has a responsibility to defend them. A criminal attorney in Lawrenceville will work to ensure fairness on their behalf.

Contacting a Criminal Attorney

The mental toll a criminal charge takes on a person is more than anyone would want to bear alone. When the effects ripple out to your loved ones, you can quickly see the importance of retaining help, for your sake as well as theirs. Every case, story, and criminal proceeding is unique. A skilled criminal attorney in Lawrenceville who understands state, local, and federal law will listen to your story with patience, understanding, and great attention to detail. Details you might otherwise deem insignificant can be used to raise your defense.

It is this painstaking effort, combined with an attorney’s diligence and dedication, that has allowed them to achieve positive outcomes for many of their clients. Criminal charges are the result of a loss of control. Hiring a smart, capable attorney, can help you regain some power within the narrative.