Anyone facing a criminal charge worries about how a conviction could negatively impact the rest of their lives and how it could potentially overshadow anything else they try to accomplish once their sentence has been served. Time is important after a criminal charge and individuals often want to get to a resolution as quickly as possible. However, there are certain circumstances where a long trial can contribute to the success of a defendant’s case, and a series of delays or continuances can actually work in a defendant’s favor and help them achieve a better outcome.

Knowing how to successfully maneuver a court case is just one of the many reasons you should contact an Athens criminal lawyer if you are dealing with a criminal charge. An experienced attorney will be able to know whether a speedy trial is in your best interest. They will also know how to alleviate the fears of the person charged and get them to be an active participant in the legal process. A successful attorney knows that an engaged client makes their job infinitely easier, and this willingness to help can lead to a discovery that could potentially change the tenor of the case.

Gathering Evidence

In order for a criminal attorney in Athens to give a person an adequate assessment of their case, they need to have all of the necessary information at their disposal and need to feel confident the defendant is taking their case as seriously as possible. When meeting with an attorney for the first time, a person needs to bring:

  • Any court documents that show their criminal charge and tell them their next court date
  • Bail papers
  • Any paperwork given to them by the police after a property search
  • A copy of the police report if they are given access to it
  • Any questionnaires given to them by the attorney to fill out

It would also be helpful if a person could bring a list of witnesses or other defendants. This will give the attorney a fuller picture of the case and will allow them to outline a defense strategy. It will also give them a chance to check and see if there are any conflicts of interest that would prevent them from taking on that person’s criminal case.

How a Criminal Attorney Can Help

If you are worried after receiving a criminal charge, it would be beneficial to have an experienced Athens criminal attorney on your side that is knowledgeable about courtroom proceedings. While you may want to receive a verdict as soon as you can, your attorney will know what the right move is based on the facts of your case.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense and want professional help, it is vital you contact an Athens criminal lawyer who will be able to understand your frustration, while still being able to have a long-term vision of success and win you a favorable verdict.