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Speeding Tickets

By: Larry Kohn, Speeding Ticket Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia speeding ticket fines are legendary. Gov. Lester Maddox identified the City of Ludowici for handing out speeding tickets to Yankees on their way to Florida. Current day NMA online bulletins post monthly speed trap warnings for certain GA locations. So, the fear of a Georgia speeding ticket out of state driver is widespread and goes back for half a century.

Plus, some callers to our traffic ticket lawyers ask “how many points is a speeding ticket in GA? The general rule is that points are assessed when a speeder is convicted of exceeding the posted limit by 15 mph or more. Moving violations for less than 15 miles per hour overage won’t be posted at the Georgia DDS (our state’s DMV), so your insurance company should never know about your lead foot.

Georgia speeding laws are set forth in two different manners. First, depending on the roadway involved and “safety factor” present in certain locations, the Peach State has maximum legal speeds for those situations. These top limits are known as “absolute” speed limits.

Safety factors can be driving on an unpaved road, or in a school zone, or in highly congested areas like neighborhood streets. In these statutorily defined areas, a driver cannot exceed that maximum limit without risk of facing a Georgia speeding ticket. This means going 1 mph higher can result in a traffic citation.

Georgia Speeding Ticket Cost

Rules RoadInterestingly, Georgia ticket fines are higher when a driver is speeding in Georgia in such areas. You may have encountered signs that alert you to this fact, such as in road construction zones. Knowing the spots where GA speeding fines are boosted can possibly avoid a traffic ticket and the related insurance rate hike.

The absolute speed limit locations as set forth in GA Code Sections 40-6-181 , 40-6-182 and 40-6-183 are as follows (unless other signage reduces that limit due to hazardous conditions):

  • Laws in Georgia for school zones were changed in 2018. The rules apply to public or private school, under Georgia Code Section 40-14-18;
  • 30 miles per hour in urban areas and residential districts that will be marked by signs;
  • 35 M.P.H. on unpaved roads;
  • 65 miles-per-hour on sections of divided highways (those with a grass, concrete or other separator) without full access control on the state of GA highway system;
  • 70 mph of federal interstate highways; and
  • 55 miles per hr on other roadways.
Speeding Laws in Georgia Follow Common Sense Rules

Basic speeding law in GA calls for motorists to not drive at a speed greater than is “reasonable and prudent under the prevailing visibility and weather conditions and having regard for the actual and potential hazards then existing.” In other words, a driver must always drive at a safe speed using common sense for each situation presented. Snowmageddon in Atlanta GA from the storm of 2014 is the worse-case scenario for this commonsense rule.

How Much is a Speeding Ticket in Georgia?

Most speeding violations are misdemeanors in Georgia. Generally, a misdemeanor is punishable by up to $1000 in fines and/or a maximum 12 months in jail. However, speeding offenses typically don’t result in any jail time.

The cost of a speeding ticket in Georgia depends on where the violation occurred, the amount by which the motorist exceeded the speed limit, and the motorist’s driving record. Note that drivers facing a repeat speeding conviction are not “capped” by the number below.

Generally, the maximum fines for a first speeding violation in GA are:

  • $0 for exceeding the limit by five miles per hour or less
  • $25 for exceeding the limit by more than five but not more than ten miles per hour
  • $100 for exceeding the limit by more than ten but not more than 14 miles per hour
  • $125 for exceeding the limit by more than 14 but less than 19 miles per hour
  • $150 for exceeding the limit by at least 19 but less than 24 miles per hour, and
  • $500 for exceeding the limit by at least 24 but less than 34 miles per hour.

WARNING: Highway Work Zones Pose a Great Risk, Plus the Super Speeder Georgia Issue

Speeding violations that occur in highway work zones are misdemeanors of a “high and aggravated nature.” Fines and surcharges can reach $2000 in fines, plus serve up to 12 months in jail, or both.

For all speeding violations, the judge will impose various fees—in addition to the fine—that will substantially increase the final cost of the citation. These types of problems are why many drivers facing speeding charges hire a traffic ticket attorney.

Additionally, for high-speed scofflaws, super speeder GA “tax” of $200 is assessed AFTER conviction at your traffic court, on top of your fines, surcharges and other punishments. Ignoring the DDS Georgia letter requesting additional payment has caused thousands to learn (the hard way) that their license will be suspended in Georgia.

Georgia judges also have the option of ordering convicted motorists to complete traffic school or even suffer a license suspension for certain outrageous cases. The defensive driving course which is for 6 hours may be in addition to or instead of paying the fine.

Lawyers Near Me to Fight Speeding Tickets

Our Atlanta attorneys handle the 14 counties near the Georgia State Capitol. Plus, our lawyers in Atlanta have built a statewide network of GA speeding ticket lawyer for handling cases too far out of metro Atlanta to be affordable for those facing a speeding ticket.

Get a free consultation with our award-winning ticket lawyers, ex-cop Cory Yager, Larry Kohn and Bubba Head. (404) 567-5515. Our law office can help locate proven traffic ticket lawyers near me, anywhere in Georgia.

Georgia Speeding Points, and how many points on your driving record in your home state

How to Pay the DDS GA costs and ticket online, and in most courts, your citation will have an online method

Georgia Department of Driver Services website license suspension information (the Georgia DMV)

TADRA – Teen driving rules for graduated driver’s license

By: Larry Kohn, Veteran Speeding Ticket Attorney and Personal Injury Lawyer William C. Head

If you are contemplating fighting a speeding ticket in the Peach State, this article will educate you about how these misdemeanor criminal laws are treated in your traffic court. Over 95% of the calls our law firm receives are nothing more than the traffic offense being alleged by the law enforcement officer.

When this is the case, many just decide to pay the fine without a traffic court lawyer and take their lumps. Before you do, read ALL this web page. Not having a clean motor vehicle record can extend to other aspects of your life and career, like applying for life insurance.

Initially, remember that the prosecutor is not your traffic ticket lawyer and that the prosecutor represents the police officer in your Georgia traffic citation case. Plus, if you first try to make your own deal, he or she may not be willing to change that offer when you then ask for a “do-over” by next hiring local counsel.

Beyond a garden-variety speeding ticket or failure to yield citation, the other 5% of cases involve either a motorcycle accident, truck collision or car wreck, or some additional crime being detected during the police encounter (e.g., marijuana possession). This leads to a possible felony or misdemeanor additional crime in Georgia.

Regardless of the extent of your criminal charges, our award-winning Atlanta car accident lawyers and criminal defense attorneys can help you resolve it. If your traffic citation is outside the 19 metro Atlanta counties, our law group can refer you to a traffic attorney near me to fight tickets or help you defend related misdemeanor or felony charges that were accused in your criminal case.

Georgia Traffic Ticket Lawyer Near Me

The demands placed upon working adults are severe and can cause many people to stress while driving toward their destination. This stress can cause some of them to act irrationally and do things they would normally never consider doing. Two examples are leaving the scene of an accident after a hit and run and trying to outrun a police officer, leading to attempting to elude a law enforcement officer and probably reckless driving GA.

These types of irrational behavior sometimes occur by drinking drivers, who fear being accused of a DUI in Georgia. Regardless of why the conduct occurred, you now need an experienced law office behind you. Serious consequences like losing the right to drive sometimes occur.

Traffic violations can add up quickly, adding demerit points to your Georgia DDS driver history. Not only can these points negatively impact a person’s driving record, but he or she will be required to pay more in car insurance premiums for several years. So, traffic violations can have real-life consequences that affect people in their day-to-day lives.

If you are facing traffic violations, a disciplined attorney will know how to confer with the prosecution and reason with the judge in a way that presents you in the best light. A Georgia traffic lawyer will know the ins-and-outs of the state traffic code and will be confident in their ability to negotiate a fair and reasonable sentence for you.

Why and When a Traffic Accident Lawyer is Needed

Traffic AccidentWhen a traffic ticket attorney near me in Georgia, a better outcome is almost guaranteed than when a person self-represents. The primary objective is “damage control,” by avoiding a possible Georgia driver’s license suspension and jail time.

Sometimes this is accomplished by paying high fines or performing community service hours. Keeping your auto insurance rates low is also important but saving driving privileges and not being incarcerated are the ultimate goal.

Additionally, if your police encounter arose from an accident in your SUV, pickup or car, or while operating a motorbike and having a motorcycle accident, you need a traffic accident lawyer to defend against any claim for personal injury, property damage or lost wages. You might not be aware that verdicts for pain and suffering, medical expense and being out of work can be in the millions of dollars.

MapThe personal injury cases from distracted driving are on the rise, and many of these car accident cases involve both a personal injury attorney and a traffic violation lawyer. Luckily, co-author William C. Head is both an Atlanta car accident lawyer and a traffic violation attorney.

As our metropolitan Atlanta traffic congestion and road construction look more like Miami, Washington DC, NYC, LA, Boston, Chicago or Dallas, more traffic violations are being issues for offenses, such as speeding or any other traffic offense (moving violation) within the city of Atlanta, you need to talk to a traffic ticket lawyer at a law firm in Atlanta, GA that specializes in traffic tickets and the successful defense of misdemeanor DUI cases.

Plus, every moving violation in Georgia is a CRIME, and the misdemeanor offense can potentially carry jail time, and/or probation for 12 months. If charged with driving intoxicated, and are later convicted, you have MANDATORY punishments, including 40 hours of community service to perform, attending DUI school, having your driver’s license suspended and then paying a reinstatement fee, and many more harsh penalties for drunk driving.

Hiring a Traffic Lawyer Near Me When Speed Traps or Unfair Policing Occur

It is important that citizens stopped by police be aware of the tactics employed by some law enforcement officials. The first rule to know is that other than your name and address, not other information needs to be shared with that officer. A knowledgeable speeding ticket lawyer can verify that you ARE being recorded in almost every case.

The unfair bargaining positions between ordinary citizens and law enforcement officials are why a person needs a Georgia traffic attorney at their side after getting charged with a traffic violation. Let your Georgia traffic attorney do your talking, in Court.

One of the most common instances of police officers upgrading a person’s traffic violation is when they take a common moving violation and turn it into a more serious charge like aggressive or reckless driving. An attorney will be able to push back against any wrong-doing and can essentially act as a fact-checker and make sure their client is being accurately charged and treated fairly under the law.

Minor violations like speeding, improper passing, and excessive lane changing can quickly morph into more extreme violations because of something known as officer-discretion. An officer can decide to elevate a person’s driving charges because of their disdain for that person’s personality perhaps, or because they are having a rough day at work.

The Role of a Speeding Ticket Lawyer Near Me

Speeding TicketEven though most traffic violations are not considered to be major criminal offenses, a person would be remiss to think they could go into court alone and not hurt their chances in any way. An experienced Georgia traffic attorney will be able to stand toe-to-toe with the prosecution and will know how to effectively present their client’s defense in an intellectually persuasive manner. This includes when you are facing a Georgia super speeder case for excessively high-speed driving.

If you have gotten a traffic violation in the state of Georgia, it is important you contact a Georgia traffic lawyer who will not be intimidated by the prosecution and can use their years of experience to help you receive an appropriate sentence based on the facts and circumstances of your case. A lawyer will work hard to craft a defense using the specifics of your case and help to ensure a lessening of any penalties you may be facing

Now you know much more about traffic offenses, and possible repercussions to you and your financial future. Avoiding tickets, points and higher insurance premiums are lofty goals. Plus, when fighting back against serious criminal charges, no substitute exists for zealous, knowledgeable, and experienced legal representation.

More Information About Our Legal Advocates if Finding Lawyers Near Me

The downside is simply too high to leave your prospects for winning in the hands of a novice. Whether you need representation for other crimes detected during your pullover, like drug possession, child endangerment DUI or simply want to hire the best criminal defense lawyer, our legal advice is available to you at a free consultation.

Learn more about your legal rights and discover how an Atlanta criminal attorney with our law group can help protect those constitutional rights, contact us today. DIAL our 24-HOUR NUMBER: (404) 567-5515. Obtain a FREE lawyer consultation and request information about our attorneys’ fee payment plans on any legal fee costs.

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