Super Speeder: Costs of Super Speeder GA Law, OCGA 40-6-189

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What a Speeder faces in the Peach State. About 15% of all DUI traffic stops in GA are for speeding offenses. If arrested for DUI and a super speeder GA ticket, a high percentage of these drivers will be facing potential jail time.

With up to a $1000 fine and additional state surcharges and assessments, the total cost for speeders can be almost $1500, in total fines and fees. Plus, some drivers who flaunt Georgia speed limit laws may find that their state driver license bureau suspends or revokes them anyway, once Georgia reports this high-speed offense!

The Georgia super speeder fine. The Georgia super speeder fee is an added tax penalty is $200. The same assessment is added on out-of-state drivers and Georgia drivers.

For many, their next auto insurance premium rate may jump substantially after a super speeder violation. Being billed after settling the criminal case in Georgia for speeding and being hit with the $200 Georgia super speeder cost really aggravates many.

How to fight a super speeder ticket. Our law firm’s approach is three-fold: (1) Handling for our client without her or him having to appear in court by use of powers of attorney; (2) Try to avoid the super speeder taxation, by negotiating the case with the prosecutor, and (3) Having the case handled in the best available manner to settle it with the fewest points and the lowest fine.

This approach is extremely important for any super speeder GA under 21. At our direction, the underage driver will also proactively complete a defensive driving course.

What Is a Super Speeder Georgia Ticket?

What is considered a super speeder in GA? On any highway, including interstates, going 85 mph or over qualifies. Other than superhighways, two-lane roads (meaning a single lane going in opposite directions) becomes a super speeder Georgia if traveling at 75 MPH or more.

A Speeding Ticket in Georgia is the theme of many TV shows and movies. The Georgia speeding ticket cost is not just what you pay in court. Just for the speeding at 15 mph or more over the limit, you can have “demerit” points added to you GA DDS (other state’s DMV-DPS-BMV), plus can be required to do jail time.

What about for Super Speeder GA drivers under the age of 21? Complex issues arise for any super speeder under 21 Georgia case. This is because a ticket for going 15 MPH or more over the limit suspends these drivers.

A Six to Twelve Month License Suspension for Drivers under 21. Their license will be suspended for 6 months on a first high speed violation, and 12 months for a second traffic violation resulting if it creates 4 or more demerit points at GA DDS.

How much is a Super Speeder ticket in GA? Driving “points” will follow almost all criminal traffic court cases. Up to 6 points can be added for one speeding ticket. Plus, with some high-speed citations, an officer may also accuse that dangerous driver with reckless driving GA.

Also, underage drivers get hammered with a lengthy license suspension, on any super speeder ticket in GA under 21. Yet, the super speeder law in GA does not add more points.

Paying Georgia DDS Online – Pay Super Speeder Ticket in Georgia

I just want to Pay Super Speeder GA. A speeder who self-represents and goes to court alone and pleads guilty or nolo contendere to her or his ticket often pays a hefty price. The first big cost will be the court-related expense, but often will be followed by a car insurance premium boost plus possibly causing a license suspension, at least for young drivers not yet 21 years of age.

How to get a super speeder ticket off your record. The only way is to get the speed lowered or amended to a different speed.

Lastly, unlike golf, once the mistake is apparent, you do not get a “mulligan.” Yes, you can hire a traffic lawyer to try to vacate that plea and reopen the case, but such efforts are more costly than if you originally hired a traffic attorney near me to handle the whole case.

In addition, the success rate for getting a good result with a Georgia super speeder law violation, under these facts is lower than if you let your legal advocate structure the best-case resolution from the outset. Like having surgery, you only want to go “in” one time.

If you failed to hire a lawyer to handle your criminal case (and try to avoid the super speeding fine), and now simply need to pay a super speeder assessment, go to the DDS Georgia website: Also, read more at

Georgia super speeder pay address. The DDS GA mailing address (for sending money orders) is Georgia Department of Driver Services, P.O. Box 80447, Conyers, GA 30013.

Does a Georgia speeding ticket formally charge me of a crime? Yes, speeding in Georgia is a misdemeanor NOT a traffic infraction. Make the FREE call today and learn your legal rights, your options to fight or negotiate, and the potential penalties for speeding in Georgia.

Don’t just go to court alone and expect the case to be continued! In almost all Georgia traffic courts, we can get a Power of Attorney from you and keep you from having to appear. For every misdemeanor traffic offense, our Constitution guarantees every defendant to trial by jury, even on traffic ticket. charges.

Cory Yager, Larry Kohn and William Head have “been there, done that” in these very tough cases. Remember, if you go to court alone and get convicted (or go with a lawyer who misinformed you of the consequences of your court case disposition) the chances of us being able to “undo” this mess are diminished.

Contact us online today or (for a FREE lawyer consultation) call today at (404) 567-5515 to have your initial, no-cost speeding ticket attorney consultation with attorneys near me in metro Atlanta.

What is the number of points at which I will be suspended? This depends on the age of the driver, so see this Georgia points on license link

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Read the language of the GA super speeder law under OCGA 40-6-189.

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Georgia’s busiest traffic ticket court: Atlanta Municipal Court

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