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Atlanta DUI Lawyer: DUI Attorneys Near Me in Georgia

By: Larry Kohn and Cory Yager, local DUI attorneys in Atlanta at Georgia's Top-Rated DUI Law Firm

Facing a DUI in Atlanta? People looking for a cheap DUI lawyer in Atlanta often visit our firm's websites for help with DUI cases. Our Atlanta DUI attorneys are highly ranked in online search results across the USA.

Our DUI pages are for people charged with DUI in Georgia. Attorneys from other states rely on our expertise and our website to guide them when a Georgia licensee gets in trouble in their state.

Our three law partners have amassed over 33 annual recognitions from Super Lawyers. It is an honor to know that other Georgia lawyers VOTED for us, year-after-year.

Our senior partner, Atlanta criminal lawyer William Head, is known as the best DUI attorney in Atlanta, and has the unique credentials to back it up. Martindale-Hubbell, Super Lawyers and AVVO rate our lawyers at their highest levels. The DUI lawyer GA co-authored his first book on DUI law in 1991.

He is a top-rated "av" attorney in GA and has handled over 6500 DUI cases in Georgia over nearly half a century in practice. He has beaten DUI cases for clients with high blood alcohol levels, or alcohol breath tests on an Intoxilyzer breath test device.

Atlanta news reporter DUI. Along the way, he has successfully handed difficult criminal trials (after Atlanta DUI arrests) like the Atlanta news reporter trial in Fulton County State Court in 2014, when no one believed that she had a chance of winning the Atlanta anchor DUI case.

That news anchor, Amanda Davis, unfortunately passed away in 2017. But, by being acquitted in 2014, that was her first step back to being able to secure new employment as an Atlanta news anchor with a competing TV station.

Added to this, Bubba (his nickname) has been named in every Super Lawyers recognition since the directory started in 2004. Many judges and attorneys in the Peach State also have identified him as Georgia's best criminal defense attorney near me in Atlanta, especially when it comes to motor vehicle crimes like Atlanta DUI laws.

Martindale names Mr. Head a Client Champion in 2022, one of several of these annual awards. The Martindale-Hubbell lawyer directory was started in 1868.

Mr. Head and two others [Atlanta DUI lawyer Larry Kohn, with over 560 AVVO 5-Star ratings, and former cop turned DUI attorney Cory Yager] are our firm’s three Georgia DUI law book co-authors. We co-author the State's leading book on Georgia DUI laws, The Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual.

Decades of Success for Our Clients Facing Criminal Charges

Our three lawyers have in excess of 89 years of cumulative years of experience fighting DUI charges. Our "success" rate averages over 90% of telling a client what their likely outcome will be, based on multiple known factors.

Not every DUI case is "winnable,"’ but damage control (in the toughest of DUI cases) is well worth the legal fees charged, for those clients. Our legal professionals do not JUDGE you or decline cases that have abysmally bad facts. Our job is to HELP you obtain the best OUTCOME POSSIBLE.

Named to Best Lawyers in America since 2009, William Head was again named one of the State's top DUI lawyers in 2023.

Bubba Head is a prominent leader who promotes DUI seminars to teach young lawyers how to defend DUI charges. He has extensive knowledge on alcohol testing errors and unreliable field sobriety tests.

The experienced DUI defense attorney in Atlanta provides assistance to other lawyers by answering their questions about drunk driving cases. This help applies to DUI license suspension in drunk driving cases, or explaining how to win at jury trials, even when the breath alcohol test results are triple the legal limit.

The local DUI defense lawyer has been defending individuals accused of driving under the influence for 47 years. During those many decades, he has received numerous awards for his exceptional work as a best DUI lawyer metro Atlanta.

In 2003, and the national seminar at Harvard University (Austin Hall), William Head was named to be the top DUI lawyer in the United States by the then-800 member group.

In 2003, at the 8th Annual NCDD summer DUI defense lawyer program, Atlanta GA DUI lawyer William Head was VOTED by the then-800 members of the national organization to be the best DUI lawyer in America. The Dean of the National College, at that time, was the best DWI lawyer from Texas, Gary Trichter. The top DUI defense attorney in Georgia is also a co-author of the state's leading treatise on DUI laws.

When it comes to challenging DUI offenses, and simultaneously protecting his clients' driving privileges, Georgia DUI lawyer Bubba Head and his law partners know that avoiding jail time is a top priority. Legal services are far more complicated than most clients know or understand, until they see the results obtained later.

This thank you letter from the sister of a client who had multiple DUI cases (over 9) in his lifetime is very rewarding. Getting one case dismissed without trial and managing the other to help him retain his all-important Union job were outcomes that the family did not expect to receive.

The text mentions a successful criminal defense attorney from Columbus Georgia who graduated from the University of Georgia. Multiple times, by multiple sources, he has been named the best DUI lawyer in Georgia. He wrote his first book in 1991, and it focused on 101 Ways to Avoid a DUI Conviction.

Our offices are located in the four metro Counties (Gwinnett, Cobb, DeKalb, and Fulton) where over 40% of DUI arrests occur. However, our DUI lawyers also travel to Athens, Columbus, Statesboro, Macon, Augusta, and Savannah for criminal law cases when hired.

For decades, William Head has received Martindale-Hubbell's highest possible attorney ratings for Legal Ability and Ethical Standards. He has also received Judicial ratings. These are a testament to the fact that the lawyer's peers and judges rank him at the highest level of professional excellence.

Georgia DUI attorney Bubba Head, often named as best DUI attorney in Atlanta Georgia, is also one of the best DUI attorneys in any part of the State of Georgia. The Georgia native has concentrated on criminal law (with heavy emphasis on DUI in Georgia) since graduating from the University of Georgia School of Law in 1976.

Penalties for DUI in Georgia Last Forever: No Expungement of DUI Possible in GA

A 1st DUI conviction can never be removed from your criminal history. If your plastic license was taken, then you have a suspended driver's license, which is subject to ether (a) an appeal to the Georgia Department of Driver Services or b) you may be eligible for a 12-month ignition interlock device.

Repeat DUI offenders may be sentenced to 72 hours (on a 2nd DUI in GA), 15 days or up to 12 months in jail (on a 3rd Georgia DUI). In addition, that person's vehicle license plates --- all of them --- must be turned in during your court case.

After a period of no driving for any purpose for at least 120 days on a 2nd DUI in GA, you have to wait 18 months to seek reinstatement of your full plastic license. This requires paying reinstatement fees to regain that driver license.

DUI charges lead to a separate legal process for DUI arrests. Lawyers have to handle both the civil and criminal cases. It's important not to miss the 30-day deadline to take action. Our firm provides free consultations to help you protect your right to drive.

Almost 100% of arrested DUI suspects in Georgia have an IMMEDIATE administrative license suspension PROBLEM. Call today for free advice Our DUI attorneys know how to protect your driving privileges. Contact our award-winning DUI defense lawyers and Georgia DUI law book co-authors.

If your plastic license was taken, assume that you are facing this emergency problem. ALL these cases require --- within 30 days after arrest --- that the driver either file an appeal to the Georgia Department of Driver Services (with the $150 filing fee) or (if eligible) that she or he qualify for and install a 12-month ignition interlock device and obtain the DDS GA limited permit.

DUI Defense Is a Subset of Criminal Defense Law Practice

While Mr. Head and his other two top attorneys in Atlanta have defended those charged with white collar crimes (e.g., embezzlement) and violent crimes, including aggravated assault, battery, domestic violence GA, murder charges, their co-authorship of multiple legal articles and books on DUI defense has made them the State's best known DUI attorneys Georgia.

Try to find any other 3-attorney laws firm in Georgia with 9 decades of DUI Defense legal experience. Our award-winning law partners fight the fight every day for EACH client, as though we are representing a family member.

Plus, the law firm of the DUI Attorneys GA is staffed by top-rated criminal attorneys near me. Each litigation attorney is known for excellence in the field of drunk driving defense.

Collectively, the law firm's collective recognitions for annual lawyer ratings in the DUI defense field exceed 77 separate awards. Why hire any other Atlanta Georgia attorneys for DUI, when our lawyers write the leading book on Georgia DUI Laws?

Mr. Yager has built a solid statewide reputation for traveling the entire State of Georgia to defend those in need of a favorable outcome. Most DUI attorneys near me only handle cases pending within a 30-mile radius of their law offices, since traveling the highways of Georgia takes a lot of time.

One of many US News and World Report Best Laws Firms in America awards, for 2023. Thes awards go back many years.

The instances have encompassed larceny offenses, vehicular manslaughter in Georgia, and also instances of domestic abuse in Georgia. Nonetheless, when either Mr. Head or Mr. Yager travels to places like St. Simons, Athens, Macon, Dalton, Savannah, or Columbus GA, their purpose is to represent an individual accused of a criminal act (such as DWI offenses).Once you are known for defending driving under the influence (DWI cases), the issue of hiring the best DUI lawyer near me yields to trying everything to win the case.

Larry Kohn, DUI lawyer Atlanta, GA, and his partners have over 750 AVVO ratings in the Atlanta DUI lawyer reviews. No other 3-person DUI law firm in all of Georgia has more AVVO FIVE-STAR lawyer ratings than these local DUI lawyers in Atlanta.

When Best Lawyers in America names you one time as the ''Lawyer of the Year'' for DUI-DWI Defense that is fantastic. To be named that 4 separate times in the last 2 decades is unprecedented.

Our DUI defense lawyers often speak at legal seminars. Larry Kohn, a GA DUI lawyer, joined Bubba Head after his first year of law school in 1996. Larry, an Emory University graduate, and then a former stockbroker, has been working with Bubba ever since. Our DUI defense lawyers frequently speak at legal seminars.

Our Atlanta Lawyers' Legal Publications Educate Other DUI Lawyers

No other Georgia law firm has three partners who have co-authored over 20 different books on the topic of DUI defense.

The Georgia DUI Trial Practice Manual is a book about Georgia DUI laws. It is updated every year and published by Thomson Reuters, the world’s largest legal book publisher.

Many judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys who handle drunk driving cases have this book on their desks. It has been considered the most important book on Georgia DUI laws since first being published in 1995. Today, the 1400+ page book costs $989 a copy.

Beginning in 2023, both Mr. Yager and Mr. Kohn joined Mr. Head as co-authors of this unique legal book. Frank Gomez, Mr. Head's long-term co-author, died unexpectedly on December 27, 2021, after co-authoring the book with Mr. Head for over a decade.

The late Frant T. Gomez passed away suddenly in December of 2021. For over a dozen years, he co-authored the Georgia DUI trial Practice Manual with William C. Head. Now, Larry Kohn and Cory Yager have taken over those co-author duties.

Bubba Head, a DUI attorney from Atlanta, GA, gained national recognition when he published the first significant legal book on "how to beat a DUI." He co-authored this book, 101 Ways to AVOID a Drunk Driving Conviction, with the late Reese I. Joye, Jr., a renowned South Carolina DUI expert who intimidated police officers for over 45 years in the Palmetto State before his death in 2008.

The initial DUI book was a bestseller, with over 12,000 copies sold. It became the top-rated book on drunk driving in the United States. Mr. Head authored or co-authored over a dozen other legal books on DWI-DUI in Georgia and beyond. The recognition of being the best DUI lawyer Atlanta from various lawyer rating services has made Bubba Head, Atlanta DUI attorney, a nationally known expert on Atlanta laws for D.U.I.

Currently, he is one of the mere three attorneys in Georgia who hold board certification in DUI defense for the year 2023. In addition, he is now editing the updated version of his 1991 book, which will be entitled 202 Ways to Avoid a Drunk Driving Conviction.

The U.S. News & World Report badge for 2022, recognizing our law firm for being one of the nation's  top-rated DUI law firms.

Georgia DUI-DWI Attorneys: What Our Law Firm Does

Our Atlanta criminal defense lawyers can explain Miranda rights, plus tell you how the Georgia implied consent law can suspend you, and how illegal searches and seizures at traffic stops can win your case. Discover various defenses to criminal charges and understand the expected legal process for pending accusations or indictments. Below is Atlanta DUI lawyer former cop Cory Yager, who has over 15 years defending thousands of DUI cases in Georgia.

Why not try a FREE consultation? It's a chance to get legal advice and meet with a top lawyer in Atlanta. It might even help you sleep better after your arrest, knowing you will soon be prosecuted in a DUI court Atlanta GA, or a court in the surrounding area. Atlanta DUI car insurance

Even if you were arrested in another state, like Texas, our legal team can direct you to a top-rated DWI lawyer near me in whatever city your arrest took place. Why not call today to speak with one of our top-rated DUI attorneys?

Other Helpful DUI Information Links

Mr. Yager and Mr. Head have enjoyed being highest rated (preeminent) by the nation's oldest legal directory, No higher lawyer rankings are awarded than this rating.

Main Criminal Law Practice Areas Handled by Our Criminal Lawyers in Atlanta

Do not let the family law lawyer that handled your divorce try to handle a complex DUI case. Plus, if you are seeking cheap DUI lawyer Atlanta GA, you are at the wrong website since our attorneys near me do not quit fighting until our client has exhausted every opportunity to win.

Call today 404-567-5515 for 24-hour-a-day legal help from our DUI lawyers. When the consultation is FREE, why wait?

Call our award-winning legal team and get some peace of mind. The call is FREE, plus we offer legal fee payment plans for clients who need to hire us and pay in the manner. 404-567-5515.

Client Reviews
Great lawyer helped me out a lot. Very attentive, made me feel comfortable and at ease!! Really knows his stuff - would use him anytime. M.L.
Mr. Larry Kohn could not have been more helpful. I sent him a message for a free consultation, and unfortunately my case had to be handled in another state. But he completely walked me through everything I needed to do, and even offered to assist the lawyer I did find in Virginia should they need help with my case. Jamie V.
Mr. Kohn is just amazing. He is truthful and realistic when explaining potential outcomes of your case and doesn’t force you to hire him or anything. When I met him, he went through everything about the case and ways to fight it off first before even telling me about his services. He got my case dismissed and kept me out of a lot of potential problems with school applications and future job opportunities. I highly recommend him to anyone. Anurag G.